Cops knocked @ my door 12:30 am

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by justebeats, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. yea we were dead sleep(me and my girl), and we had vaped like 4 bowls a few hours earlier so when i woke up i was still pretty high

    he did the flashlight knock like 10 times, so i knew instantly it was the Laws...

    i go outside(in my drawls) and ask whats up?

    he says my nxt door neighbor got shot...asks me if i heard anything, do i know who he hangs /w etc...

    i answered his questions and some how managed to ask about 12 other questions to him lol(in my drawls)

    i asked if my neighboor died, i asked how many people it was, i asked him like 3 diff questions about which house it was

    it was overall a funny/scary me being high,in my boxers,out side, talking to the cops
  2. Your neighbour was shot and you didn't hear the bang from the gun? Lol you must of been in a deep ass sleep.

    Did your neighbour die?
  3. somebody getting shot next door sounds like a good reason to smoke another bowl.
  4. That's what I would do.

  5. Yeah, and if your neighbor isn't dead, smoke him out! I'm sure he'll appreciate it. :D
  6. haha that's hilarious (not the shooting, but crimson king's comment on smoking him out). I don't know why but it seems natural that if he got shot then he blazes
  7. that shits funny, plus it would help your neighbor out with the pain of being shot...but yea being high,in boxers,talkin to cops outside...props for doing that and keeping it together
  8. I probably freaked out and thought they were at my door for me, good job you kept yourself together and didn't think like me.
  9. mad props and i hope your neighbor is aiight
  10. im a fucking skitish ass mo-fo and i didnt hear a few rounds of gun shots when i was awake after vapeing a few was like 10 at night and a girl got killed not 5 houses down...i was too into my mythbusters to hear anything...

    also i had no idea thats how u spelt drawls i always thought it was spelt draws or drawers...the more you know...
  11. fuck a bowl id smoke like 6 blunts.

    but thats funny, talkin to the 5-0 in ur boxers baked.
  12. gotta be brazen to talk to cops baked in your boxers at 12:30am lol
  13. If your neighbor happened to have a sucking chest wound, it's conceivable you could "shotgun" a hit directly into his lung, then cover with the proper dressing to treat it.
  14. Cop: so what were you doing 2 hours ago?
    you: I was actually just blazing with my girl and fell asleep
    Cop: you were smoking marijuana with your girlfriend at the time of the crime?
    you: uhhh
  15. hahaha where do you live?
    I used to live in the worst part in the whole country. One time, which I was sleeping, there were like 5 gun shots, a women started crying and all these ghetto birds were flying up in the sky.
    The next day, I was walking to class and there was like a whole mob of ppl dressed in black bringing flowers.

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