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    Since Legalization happened has anyone had experiences with cops in Washington or Colorado?

    I am in WA and have had none.
  2. bitttttchessssss, in boulder that is, well some of them that is, lol.
  3. Could you elaborate a bit?
  4. lol some are ticket hungry, but im a college kid and they feed on us so..
  5. I'm talkin about with a cop finding out you have weed not traffic tickets
  6. Possession is a ticket in colorado, an $100 civil infraction. It's decriminalized.

    Though it may be different now that it's legal.
  7. Yeah I thought they just passed legalization and its legal to grow there too????
  8. The police around here don't give a shit unless you're irresponsible. Seeing as how I know quite a few on a first name basis through my education, I have spoken to them about this issue a fair bit. Don't drive stoned to the point of drawing attention to yourself and you're good, however, I wouldn't drive same day after blazing up. I treat it how I treat alcohol, just to keep myself out of the system even though alcohol is on a whole 'nother level in terms of impairment and safety.
  9. nothing over here(WA)
  10. cops never really gave a fuck in wa, don't see why they should start now

  11. it is nothing now as long as you are 21+. no ticket, no nothing. they can't even take it.
  12. Thats a base fee add the taxes comes out to around 500+ for the ticket gotten one before as soon as I got it I got legal
  13. What?
  14. It's 100$ for the infraction but on top of that they add taxes for the state and city you have to pay. So the 100$ is just the base fee of it.
  15. yeah got it

    the last part the bold part is what I'm asking about

    what does " i got it I got it legal" mean?
  16. Sorry about that, what I meant was when I got the ticket in the morning was around 8am by 10am. I got my medical card for bud, that's what I meant by legal
  17. Bump surely some one has encounter police?!?!?
  18. I generally try to avoid circumstances involving encounters with law enforcement.
  19. Bump

    Any experiences in legal states blades?

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