Cops in my neighborhood WTF?

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  1. So my neighborhood recently had a meeting and said that we now have 2 cop cars patrolling the neighborhood and an undercover cop walking around. If I'm on my property and a cop sees me hitting a bong can they do anything cause this shit got me mad. How should I identify the undercover cop? Thanks for any advice peace and pot!!!  

  2. Be a responsible adult and smoke inside?
  3. My cousin was going to college in new hampshire and cops saw a bong through his window when nobody was home and ticketed them.
  4. That's what I was going to say. Cops patrol my neighborhood every hour or so.
    Actually I was outside waiting for this chick's mom to pick her up(she was too drunk to drive her car home), and a cop showed up. I came back by my apartments to find out what is up and my neighbor said someone called the cops on people down stairs because they blast music all night. He said they also smoke weed on the stairwell, which they people complain about. They don't care if you smoke inside your apartment but dont want to sell it in the hall.

    Found out my neighbor smokes and he said we should blaze and play some video games sometime.
  5. why is there an undercover walking around? you should find him and ask, baked, and report back. it'd really make this thread deliver
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    EDIT: I stand a thousand times corrected.

    Refer to the posts below.
  7. Do you even know why extra security was brought into your neighborhood? I can only assume it's not to bust kids smoking pot in their yard. You really have nothing to be mad about. Smoke your shit quietly and be about your business as usual.
  8. Where did you hear about all this stuff? Did you actually go to the meeting yourself, or just hear it from someone?
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    No just no.....
    I'm sorry my friend but this is not true, undercover officers are not required to identify themselves as an officer when asked

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    ^I was going to say. That isn't true at all. They DO NOT have to tell you they're a leo. Undercover or not.
  12. That isn't true at all, cops do not have to identify themselves to you
    And op, I am sorry but two cops and an undercover in your town? I would be pretttttyyy stoked if that is all we had here. I make by just fine by not being a dumbass, ie: smoking indoors or around my fire pit at night or something less obvious than smoking a bong on my front porch. I am sure you will be live OP
  13. If you had any knowledge regarding law enforcement you'd instantly know this is false. Why do you give advice to others when it's clear you know nothing? Don't believe common rumors, OP; do a minute of reading.
    It seems I was mistaken and mislead, I had heard it from others and ass-u-med it to be the truth. I'd like to thank you, however, for correcting my mistake in a non-condescending way, unlike the following reply.
    Reeaaaallly?  :rolleyes:
  15. :rolleyes:
  16. I bid adieu to you, sir Psychopath, as I feel that you would be a waste of my intellectual capacity.
  17. Make sure when you rip the bong to lay completely flat in the middle of the road so the cop can't see you. Damn, this all could have been avoided if only you had a home or back yard.
  18. :laughing: That's funny, that coming someone who believed cops had to identify themselves when asked. Talking about "wastes" of intellectual capacity. Have you ever heard of a 'sting operation?' Do you know why they work? Because police say no when some whore asks if they're an officer of the law.
  19. [quote name="OOBubblesOO" post="18244416" timestamp="1371873985"]Police are required by law to identify themselves. Undercover or not.

    So if you see someone walking around rather suspiciously just ask them if they are an officer of the law

    That defeats the purpose of undercover.

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    an entirely made up fact
    edit i guess you knew that haha just read the rest of the thread...
    a bong is not necessarily marijuana paraphernalia, if i were you, i would buy a very cheap bong and smoke some tobacco out of it and keep it inside somehwere you can find it. and if you happen to be ripping a bong and he inquires about it... look! its only for tobacco!
    other wise just dont answer the door if a stranger comes knocking. talk to them through a closed window or something! you should really be more appreciative of police patrolling your neighborhood! (unless their rent-a-cops that the wealthy neighborhoods here have) you should feel much safer now than before. otherwise you shouldnt really have anything to worry about, barring you walking around that in some way gives probable cause to be stopped and searche

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