Cops + Illegal Searches + Weed = Paranoia!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PCro182, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Okay, so i was at this dudes bonfire (which is across the street from his house). There is a trail that goes wayyy back into the woods, but there is a side trail with a little clearing where we could park our cars and have that bonfire there. Well i had smoked about 8 bowls already with a few of my friends, and this chick and I jumped in my friends car to pick up another friend from his house. ( By the way , my car was not parked at the bonfire, i was picked up from a restaraunt.) We went to the dudes house to pick him up, and I got a phone call saying there were cops at the bonfire and to tell everyone not to go back to it. So we drove past the long driveway that leads to the bonfire, and there were 5 squad cars, and they were shining their spotlights all over, and there was a 5-man police line walking in the woods looking for people with their flashlights. So the kid that was driving, me and this chick went back to the kids house (which is the one parked right across from the bonfire), and chilled out for a bit. My one friend (who was out picking a chick up) pulled in and the cops started asking him a bunch of questions. Meanwhile, another pair of my friends were in the woods running from the cops, they ended up getting away. The guy who was hosting the bonfire had left his car running with his music blaring, and another girl had left her car there turned off. My friend who was in the woods told me that the cops searched both cars without them knowing or even being there. Isnt that illegal? I know that cops can go into a house if the door is open, but just because a car is un-locked i dont think they can enter it and search it. Also, my friend who was being questioned in his car was on the phone with the people running in the woods, and the cop took the phone out of his hands and starting talking to the people running. Arent both these things illegal?!?!
  2. I do believe they have the right to search their car if they were in foot pursuit.
  3. We all stress the word "Pig" when it comes to cops. Fuck them, one cop went face to face with me questioning me for no reason about pot because I was skateboarding on a small parking lot at night, without any signs notifying people that when its 10:00 p.m. its a restricted area. Anyway the pig flashed his light at my face to check my eye and kept wave it at me repeatedly saying "ARE YOU STONED. HUH YOU STONED? I was about to laugh because I was at the time (3 bowls of mids) and I was bullshitting all the way.

    So fuck cops that think they're big shit.
  4. Haha I can't help but laugh if someone seriously asked me if I was stoned.

  5. They werent in a foot pursuit, they just knew there were some people in the woods, there was noone around the cars, they were just sitting in an empty lot!
  6. Here's a quick lesson with cops Dude:

    Probable Cause. It's complete bullshit. They'll just lie, and they'll win...

    It sucks man, but that's the way things work most of the time...

  7. I know man, its so fucked up, there are so man crooked cops that will lie to make themselves look good, but dont realize how much they are fucking over their neighboor in order to get a promotion :(
  8. that that the cops do with the dogs is complete bullshit. when they go "get it boy, c'mon get it" and that triggers the dog to start scratching. then they have probable cause

    (might not make sense the way i said it, but it was in that never get caught again video with the ex cop)
  9. Yeh man. It's fucked up what they do. But when it's Their word against ours, we know how it goes.

    Anyway the county can make money, they will. Even if you get off scott-free, you'll be on their radar for awhile.

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