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  1. (apologies in case im in the wrong forum)

    Ok so somebody i heard of in passing deals a little bit, no more than to a handful of people and never more than an ounce at a time. i also heard in passing that one late afternoon/early evening, she saw a single cop car parked a few houses away from her in a neighborhood, and is worried they're watching her. there are also at least 1-2, if not more houses with people that have in the past, (possibly still now) sold various types of drugs.

    - how likely is it the cops were there for her?
    - how can she tell if they were there for her, and not any of the other people?
    - are she/the person i heard mention it paranoid?
    - are there ways to tell if she's being watched in any other way?
    - if she is being watched, what should she do to avoid a search/the situation getting worse?
    - how should she handle a warranted search if one occurs?
  2. Sorry man I didn't get what u said in that first paragraph
  3. in passing, i had heard that a fellow toker is dealing (not like, moving pound after pound, but still passing dubs around), and had a cop chillin down the street from her house, and she's bugging out not sure if the cop is for her, or one of a couple other houses in the neighborhood whose residents have had various police trouble in the past.
  4. Your questions have no answers.
  5. Op, stop dealing, you're not cut out for it.
  6. I mean, this isnt really discussing dealing is it? , cos we cant do that here, But I don't see why we cant advise you to be carefulll.

    Keep your eyes peeled and see if the car frequently sits there, the direction they are facing, When they leave go to said spot and see if you are able to be viewed from said location... I mean he could just be pullin over speeders and you know your doing sketch shit so your feelin sketch, Once there was a Private Investigator that was always sitting in front of my house or a few houses down....was so sketch and it just turned out a neighbor was getting his boat repo'd and he was a repo man too..

    Im paranoid as fuck for no reason at all so maybe I'm excessive but no one ever got in trouble for being too careful and safe about sketch shit.

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