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Discussion in 'General' started by Joint, May 19, 2006.

  1. I just thought of something, and I'm not trying to be alarmist or anything, but if the feds wanted to get your IP address, it would be very easy.

    Basically, PM a member and include a remotely-hosted image that isn't shown anywhere else. Then just look in the log file of the server with the image for the IP address of the person who viewed that image, and now you've got the members IP addy.

    All the more reason to use a proxy. I doubt the govt would do it because they've got other shit to deal with, but if you're a big grower and you like to brag, just know that it's possible to get your IP address unless you never check your PMs.
  2. i really do not care at all. I know i am responsible for what i post

    if the feds are really going to bother with a lil ol pot smoker, well, oh well
  3. nah, you want to make your own zombies. that's where you can do stuff through other people's computers. much faster connection that way. but yeah, if the government wanted to get us, they could.
  4. well thanks for telling how to do it buddy
  5. Of course they don't give a shit about smokers. This thread is not for the smokers, it's for the people who post and talk about their big grow ops while feeling "safe" because the cops "don't have access to the server logs".

    But when OG went down, everyone FREAKED because the cops had access to the server logs, which eventually (supposedly) led to some busts of the bigger growers on there.

    All I'm saying is that the cops don't need a server log, they can get your IP w/o it. So basically, if they felt so inclined, they could PM a user, include a tiny transparent image that you wouldn't even notice, get your street address from your ISP, then bust the grower. So that whole "don't have access to the server" bit of "security" is non-existant, they can get all the info they want without it.

  6. Ha, I knew someone was going to say this.

    Do you really think that our government is so stupid they don't know how to do something like this? Spammers have been using it for years (except they replace the image with a php script that has your e-mail address hard-coded into it, so that they can tell if it's a "real" e-mail address).

    But seriously, anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of how the internet works could tell you what I've already said, and I promise you, *promise you*, that the DEA isn't so stupid that they don't know how to do this, considering 13 year old script kiddies do it all the time.
  7. i knew what you were saying :)

    if people want to be dumb enough to post their big grow ops, i say let em. atleast it gives me something to look at
  8. but they would need a warrant, and that technique would be considered entrapment, cause they would be using the same service as the offender to catch them seems like a lot of work to catch someone for there personal grow which is most likely under the amount for a felony, the grower would have to have like 100 plants which is a huge fucking grow
  9. 1) Some growers do have huge grows. OG certainly had some.

    2) They don't need a warrant to get your IP address. Do you think the RIAA has warrants for all the people they bust for P2P sharing? Come on now, think about it.

    3) This isn't an illegal service, therefore it's not entrapment.

    4) Putting a pic online *is* enough evidence to get a warrant if you've got their address. People who develop their photos of their crops at the CVS stores and other quick photo development places get busted all the time because the clerk gave the pic to the cops.
  10. not really. it's like tapping someone's phone. they are posting in a public forum about their activities. to think that nobody that has authority isn't going to see is just ignorant.
  11. no a warrant to search your house and find the plants
  12. yeah, so you talk about your grow. you admit that you are doing something illegal. what they are doing is getting your street address so that they can get the warrant.
  13. i don't think they could really do shit with that... unless your an idiot posting your real name or address or something they have no proof its acually you
  14. but it would be hard to get a warrant with the info on here dont you think cause its outdated unless you keep a journal plus its just suspicion cause you might have gave up and dumped the grow there is no solid info if your actually growing , i personally think it should be legal to grow and use in your home but hey i'm not going to get the law changed by myself

    forgot nummer 300 post, kick ass
  15. all you need is probable cause to get a warrant.
  16. Ok, well, you all can believe what you want, but if the non-government agency known as the RIAA can bust p2p users based *only* on their IP address, you can be for damn sure that the government can do the same.

    I never said the cops were going to do it. I'm just saying they could. And trust me, if they have your IP they *can* get your address. They'll know the exact time you viewed the image, and if they ask the ISP "Who had this IP at this time?" the ISP will know which internet account it is, and can give the cops whatever info they have on you (address, phone #, etc).


    I wrote this because I've seen time and time again people say things to the effect of "Well the server is in the Netherlands, so it's safe" and yadda yadda. Well the only thing the server has (related to the forum) that isn't displayed on the website is your IP address, and the cops can get that too.
  17. What I would like to know, is, is it fairly easy for feds, once they have your ip, to look into all different accounts (email, forums, memberships...) I have and find the personal info I used to sign up? Or do these websites not distribute info without a warrant or something?
  18. they dont even need to do that. your IP is recorded at every post you make. SJ has it but the cops can easily aquire it with enough finesse.

    i wouldnt worry about it though unless your a commercial grower.

    edit: post 1,200 :hello:

  19. Yeah, but since this site is not in the US, the cops can't just get a warrant. They'd have to get special permission from the Netherland police or something, I dunno, but whatever it is they can't just force SJ to give it over, it's in another country, unless the US police convinced the Netherland police to bust him, which I doubt considereing the Netherlands liberal attitude towards weed.

    Lebowski: No. It's just your IP address (like a phone #, in some respects). Getting your IP wouldn't give then access to anything, it would just tell them who you are when they match it up with whatever data your ISP gives them about the user of that IP address. Kinda like if the police have your phone #, they can get your address and stuff but they can't tell who you've called and what-not (unless they tap your phone, but that's different from just getting your address based on your phone #).
  20. What if your internet is through a huge server at an office and the only tyme you r on is when you r there? Can they track it to your cpu or would it be just to the office? I am no huge drug lord or grower but it would be nice to know. JOE>

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