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Cops freaking me out

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by s0ad05, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. My friend and I a couple of days ago decided to pitch some money together to get some High quality bud off of this kid from school. We roll up and he sells us an 8th for 60 bucks and the weed feels real wierd. Its real soft and it smells so damn good. We were like an hour away from my house and we really both wanted to try this shit out. So we each take a hit from a one hitter and it really didn't kick in for another 10 minutes because usually I smoke a big fat blunt or joint not a small hitter....

    Anyways, it hit us both pretty hard and we couldn't stop laughing at stupid shit. We are almost home and I stopped at the Shell Gas station to pick up some munchies. Well my friend decides he has to take a piss and he cant wait. So he goes behind shell while im inside to piss.

    After I make my purchase I start to head to the door and I see my friend walking towards the door. I start laughing cause he looks hilarious but then He tells me to cut it out and right behind him there is a cop car slowly driving behind him as he walks into the store. I walk out because Im trying to figure out how Im going to hide an 8th of weed. So I get into my car and I realize the cop is driving towards my car. Im like OH FUCK! Im just about to shove the entire bag behind the emergency brake interior hoping that he wouldn't call some dogs to search my car.

    Then I realize that he is leaving the gas station so I relax and wait for my friend to jump in the car.

    When he gets into the car he tells me that He is about to take a piss when he sees someone shining a spotlight on him. He tucks it in and walks inside Shell like nothing happened.

    After that we decide we better get the fuck home right now. So we pull out of Shell and We drive down the road a bit. Then I realize that the cop stopped a few miles down the road. Right when I drive by him I noticed that he is pulling out to follow me.

    Im thinking "Great when is he going to hit his lights and pull me over?"

    He doesn't. We get to my house and I pull into the driveway. The cop pulls into the bar across the street and turns around. By this time im doing powersteps to my front door thinking in my head "If i hide the weed into the house he will need a warrant to come inside" We get inside and Chill and the cop never even stopped at my house....


    :) cheers
  2. Cops are bastards like that. I just try to be confident and don't do anything stupid. They're usually just waiting for you to fuck up to give them a reason to fuck with you.
  3. be cool in public. if you can't control yourself you shouldn't be smoking. i understand the munchies and laughter for no reason. but if you can't hold your own, be prepared to face the consequences.
  4. Yeah stoned in public can be risky, but its half the fun lol man i love crazy adventures, you never know where u might end up or who u end up sleeping with :smoking:
  5. That sucks though now the cop knows where you live. You never know, he may chill in front of your house if hes ever super bored and just pull you over for the hell of it.
  6. "word"

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