Cops Driving By... Should I Be Wary?

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  1. Hey folks, I've lived in the same house on a cul-de-sac (dead end street) my entire life, and in that time I've seen a cop on our street once, when I was maybe 5. Now in the past month or so I've seen them 3 times. Driving slowly, down the street, and then back up.

    Should I be paranoid or something? Are they trying to use FLIR or just get an excuse to call in SWAT and shoot me? Just wondering what I should make of all this.

    (So tired of living in the Midwest Nazi Police State.... :()
  2. How big is the grow you've got going (Watts)? How many people know about it?

    I'd bet it's a fluke... driving by your house isn't something that cops who are investigating you would do... especially in regular cop cars.
  3. Its only 400W at the moment, I'm planning on ordering a second 400w'er for a total of ~800-~1000 watts.

    The only other person who knows about it is my best friend of 7 years and partner. Hes from the middle east, has been fucked over by cops in the past, and is probably the last person to narc on me. Hes invested too much time and money in this to fuck himself over now.

    Thanks, I know I'm probably just being paranoid, I just always loved the fact that they =didnt= used to drive on my street, and seeing them out my window just puts a sour taste in my mouth, you know?
  4. yeah dude they dont just drive by random when they are commin u will not even know until they come a knocking when they get to the door ask for a warrent and if they have one just stick ur hands out and tell em where it is :)
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    I wouldn't worry about it. They may have just stepped up their patrols in that area. Especially if there has been any type of problem recently on that street. However just keep an eye out. They will need some kind of tangible evidence to obtain a search warrant. Like strange smells combined with excessive power usage, people coming and going frequently(if you are a dealer), etc, etc.
    P.S. they can tap your phone calls without your knowledge or consent if they have probable cause, happened to a buddy of mine and they had been tapping and recording all drug related phone calls to and from the house for like six months before they raided the house. so refrain from any obvious drug references or anything else that could be used against you in court or to obtain a warrant.
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    Yes dude be very paranoid. Pay close attention to who is picking up your trash on trash day. If they plan on raiding or getting evidence they pull it from the trash. The normal truck will just pass your house. Later in the day another garbage truck will come and pick up only your garbage( or very early). If that happens then pull the plug ASAP, because they are hot on your shit. It could be that you only notice the cops because your looking for them. Either way make sure your not driving with any growing supply's or anything. In fact I would put some like college catalogs and other shit in my car. So when and if you do get pulled over related to this. You can just act like your on the fast track to a corporate job and the last thing you got time for is marijuana. =D
  7. Thanks guys. The grow isnt old enough to smell yet (a couple sprouts at best) and in the next couple days I'm going to have a highpowered inline fan and carbon filter setup, so that should be handled nicely.

    As for electricity, like I said, even with a second 400W MH/HPS, at best I'm running an extra Kilowatt an hour. I've gone around the house and thrown out the old wasteful incandescents and replaced em with CFLs, and I turn off lights/appliances constantly. I'm hoping my electric bill will only jump about $15-25. If they get a warrant for THAT, I'm leaving this country. I mean, I =am= rennovating a room. Maybe I put in a few PCs, a TV, a fridge, a microwave, a tanning bed.

    Yeah, I know trash is a big problem. So far I havent had any damning evidence (plant matter, etc.), only various cardboard boxes etc. from equipment. I kept them hidden in my basement until 5 minutes before the trash men came, then ran out and ambushed the trash men as they came to pick up the rest of my trash (recycling, etc.). I figure if I keep ambushing them like this at 6AM, the authorities wont be able to search what I dont have laying around out there.

    Between recognizing all the cars on the street and all the trashmen/mailmen, etc, it'll be hard for the 5-0 to do undercover surveillance.

    Fortunately, I dont have many people coming or going (not dealing), at best theres one guest's car here, and they stay for hours, not a 30 second drug deal. I am concerned about phone taps, however. We dont talk much on the phone, and only in code, but Im worried the code is what will get me in trouble. They'll probably think I'm Al Qaeda or something ><. I guess I'm just gonna have to get a pre-paid phone.

  8. Think how many thousands of people grow in america... i think the amount of precautions you are taking will be substantial for a 400w grow. If you do get caught, i guess they just got lucky with a stab in the dark.
  9. lol

    i like how you think
  10. if they do come for you, i would answer the door totally naked cept for a giant flag from whatever country your from wrapped around your naked body. then tell them you are practicing being a normal citizen. tell me what happens. oh this only works if you have a great lawyer on retainer standing right next to you.
  11. getting paranoid are we lol. Never tell, never smell, never sell and you'll be fine and never ever under any circumstances discard anything related to growing in your garbage. Once it hit the streets it's fair game.
  12. You are gettin a little too paranoid, and thats when people fuck up and do stupid things. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being cautious, but don't read more into this than there is. Suddenly seeing a cop on your block when you aren't used to seeing one doesn't mean the goon squad is ready to roll in. There can be many logical reason for it....could be a new cop, a bored cop wanting to cruise a different area, or they could have gotten a call in the area. All the previous advice is good....never leave anything related to growing or using where it can be traced back to you. Smell, light leaks, large amounts of empty soil and fert bags, etc. can be your downfall. I have a small BBQ/fire pit in my backyard, and I burn everything that is related to growing. Bags, containers, boxes, trimmings, etc. Better safe than sorry, just don't let your mind run away with you. ;)

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