Cops Committing Crimes

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  1. Here in San Diego there has been a recent run of criminal cops. I'm not talking minor corruption or DUIs here, but truly serious crimes:
    One was arrested yesterday on rape, assault, kidnapping and other felony charges.

    On Tuesday, Chief William Lansdowne and his top command staff held a news conference to address what he called an "unprecedented number" of accusations of impropriety or criminal behavior on the part of SDPD personnel over the last three months - 10 cases total, six of which have resulted in arrests of officers.

    Why should I adhere to any laws when the cops themselves don't? How can I trust an authority which abuses its power so much? Why isn't there more national outrage about this situation?
  2. This will sound a lil crazy but seriously FUCK LEO's (all the d bags anyways) I have seen some shit go down (not counting black block!) where some of these egomaniac LEO's just do completely immoral things, I think they need to be a little more stringent on the mental and emotional qualifications of LEO's.
  3. 5,200 at the pentagon were caught with child porn. Nothing happened to any of them.

    It's not just at the cop level. It goes all the way up
  4. Yeah, I can't even imagine the corruption in the DEA...
    I believe in law and order, but when those enforcing the laws are in violation of them, it becomes very difficult to accept their authority.
  5. Excellent subject I think. Yeah I don't trust cops. I know that not all cops are bad. But as the saying goes one bad apple ruins it for everyone else. I seen so many examples of dirty corrupt cops that im not willing to trust any of them. Better safe than screwed.

    And the worst part is that like 98% of the times the other cops just side wiith the accused officer and make excuses for their actions. So now not only can you not trust the cops but you cant trust them to punish or weed out the dirty cops. All in all Idt anyone should trust a cop just because they are a cop. If anything we should more suspicious of them and watch them more closley.
  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. There are good cops, one of my close family friends is a guy who graduated college and wanted to make a difference, so he became a cop in a city which held the title of "Murder Capital of the US" for three straight years not that long ago. Another friend of mine had both of his parents serving as New Orleans police officers, his mother was a clean cop and his father was incredibly dirty, doing all kinds of payroll fraud and abusing his powers to provide himself a much better life. He even bought a truck for my buddy with city money saying it was needed for an undercover operation.
  7. lol that happen to a teacher at my school. his computer was hooked up to projection and child porn comes on.... sick fuck but he got FIRED!
  8. What? Did some virus do that, because I believe in their corruption but it seems odd that so many people in the pentagon would be interested in that particular type of porn, and get caught with it.
  9. Nope. Sting operation. They werent just in possession of it. They BOUGHT it.

    [ame=]YouTube - 5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story?)[/ame]
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  12. The DoD apparently

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  13. i used to have this car

    then some cops sold it for scrap
    and took everything inside

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