Cops coming with a warrant?

Discussion in 'General' started by Inhale Smoke, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hello GC this is my first official post but im a long time reader here at the city. Im joining you guys here with an important question.

    A couple of hours ago these workers came into my moms house to install a new dishwasher. My mom has never caught me tokin before and she doesnt know what weed smells like and since shes out of town for the break i figured it would be straight to burn in the house. So i just picked up my first sack in over a year ( just got off probo) and i was burning a shit load joint after joint in the kitchen. Next thing i know this old delivery guy walks in and i was just totally greened out gone. He tells me my mom gave him permission to walk in with his crew and work. I said thats straight and allowed his crew to go to work they didnt say anything about the endless cloud of smoke i had been puffing all day. After about 5 mins i got the bright idea to ask the guy if he wants to "blow some Os"and handed him a j Since i was already not hiding my smoking he was an older guy though maybe 65. He ignored me he gave me papers to sign and i did he left. 10 mins later a cop is knocking on my door. I dont answer. He walks into my backyard and i turn off the lights and he sees me close the blinds. He then left in his cruiser.

    Did the appliance dude call the cop? Can the cop go in my backyard like that. Im not trying to get caught and start over my probo. Is the cop going to come back with a warrant i dont want to leave my house. I am extremely scared. Please answer soon i need comfort. Its been 2 hours so far so good

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