Cops Catching the Seller?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Bread Winner, May 2, 2006.

  1. Why can't the cops just buy some seeds, and when they recieve the seeds bust the dude they had to send the money to?
  2. Probably a technicality and that's never stopped the police before. But I think what you are speaking of is called "entrapment".

    Not a completely apples to apples comparison... But A Vice Cop can not ask a Prostitue for sex and then simple arrest her/him.

    In your example, the Police act of purchasing the seeds would be illegal in the first place and therefore the arrest would not be ... legal?
  3. ya those are the laws in canada... a cop cant just go up to a drug dealer and say hey you got any weed? or else its entrapment and the case would be thrown out... he has to say something like do you got anything and if they offer weed then he busts them since "do you got anything" can technically be ANYTHING like a banana lol

  4. From how I've interpreted this site, that is not true.

    ps. I live in America.
  5. That's why you don't see seedbanks based in the US. American police have no jurisdiction over seedbanks in the UK, Holland, wherever.
  6. Ahah. Thanks.
  7. can they bust the buyer in canada tho?
  8. The US can't but they can pressure the Mounties to do it, which is exactly what happened at Overgrow.
  9. im just gunna stick with not buying anything illegal online
    i dont wanna get busted
  10. Whatever fits your comfort level.

    This thread is discussing sellers. As for buyers, the anecdotal reports are: most get their beans, some get intercepted by Customs and the buyer gets a letter that contraband was confiscated, and there are no reports of anyone being busted for ordering seeds.

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