Cops can be nice afterall...

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  1. Forgive me if this is all jambled together im quite drunk and baked right now. So anyways I go over to my buddies house for some dank and booze. We head over to the poolhall and have a good time, after that we go back to his place and have some more drinks and hoots. I decide to head home so I roll up a fatty and spark it up. Im walking through this back alley smoking a joint when all of a sudden I see two flash lights up infront of me. I quickly put out the joint and put it in my pocket thinking its some people out walking their dogs or something. Next thing I know I see uniforms and they start yelling at me "Who are you where are you comming from. My heart starts pounding. So I tell them where I am comming from and that im on my way home. They have a cop dog and he starts smelling me and then starts walking down the alley with one of the cops. So anyways the cop tells me he wants to search me. Im like, "straight up officer im not gonna lie to you. I have about a gram in my pocket of marijuana" So I give him the weed and then told him to search me if it was his wish. So he does and finds nothing of course. Then he tells me there has been a robbery and either I did it or I picked the wrong alley to walk down. So he puts me in the squad car, I was actually pretty calm at this point. I knew that he couldnt prove I did the robbery and that the worst I would get was a fine for the weed. So he comes back and im like "so what is the charge for possesion of that amount anyway?". He goes "possible jail sentence". I start to panic, then he was like do you have any criminal charges against you? Im like "no sir I have a clean record." Hes like "do you have any tattoos or piercings?" Im like "no officer, clean as a whistle". He stands there for a second and then lets me out of the car. Hes like "You seem like a good kid, you were honest with me and I appreciate that. The dog has not picked up your scent so im just gonna tell you to get the hell out of here and dont let me catch you with weed again". So I thanked him and ran the fuck home. Although he was pretty prejudice against people with tattoos and piercings he was an alright guy, im so thankfull all he did was confiscate the weed and not throw me in the drunk tank or something. wooooooooo I owe the gods some karma tonight! G'night blades! Again please forgive the lack of paragraphs, it's not usually my style, im just wired and drunk right now!
  2. you're lucky they had something bigger on their hands. you win.
  3. Yah i'm not reading all that so i'll just post my witty reply. "yah nice like cancer" :devious:
  4. Chill cop mayne, but a gram of herb in Alberta, Canada is a possible jail sentence? Wow. anyways, seems alright. It was possible he asked about the tattoo's because that was one of the identification marks spotted by a witness of the man who robbed where ever got robbed
  5. Exactly. I don't think it's prejudice.
  6. Eh, cops can be nice but I wouldn't walk down alleys anymore. They may not be that nice next time

  7. For sure, now that im sober I think the reason he let me go was because he knew I was doing the right thing by not getting hammered and then driving home. No, I decided to do the right thing and walk and I got pinched for it. Like he said, "you just picked the wrong alley to walk down at the wrong time." I pretty much had to give him the pot, because knowing I was a robbery suspect I knew I was gonna get searched sooner or later. At least he was cool about it.

    And about the jail sentence thing, Im geussing he was just trying to scare me a little bit, because I know my laws and I know for a fact that it is not a criminal offence to own less than an ounce. Hell one of my old buddies was caught with a qp in a bunch of different bags and all he got was a few months house arrest and some probabtion. Anyways it was a scary few minutes all in all.

    Oh yeah one other thing, hahah I told him that I was just having some harmless fun, he was like "yeah I understand that dude, but do you know they put meth in weed now" hahaha all I could do was swallow my tongue.

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