cops can be douche bags

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  1. im watchin this cop pov show and they just arrested a dude for saying the word fuck. can they even do that? he didnt even direct it tword the cops like fuck you he said these little fuckin kids are harassin me or something. then the cop said dont say that again. then the dude got arrested. its dumb as shit some cops are ass holes.
  2. Cops can be pretty cool too
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    yea but seriously arresting someone for using the word fuck? freedom of speech i dont care what you say you should be able to say anything you want without having to worry about getting arrested. especcialy if its something as dumb as these little fucking kids.

    edit: you should be able to say whatever you want as long as you arent directly threating someones life.
  4. Not the lot of them, most are dicks who love busting stoners
  5. Well, you'll get the respect you give.
  6. you cant arrest someone for disrespect brah. thats dumb as fuck.
  7. many states have laws against using profanity in public areas. under disorderly conduct. could the cop have ignored it? of course. but that guy could also find a better way to speak
  8. Something tells me it wasnt just for him saying fuck
  9. well he should have shut the fuck up cause they were walking away but then he started talking again and then thats when they arrested him. for saying fuck. it just doesnt make sense.
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    I have to agree and cops are what you make them......they are just doing their job they don't make the laws just enforce them don't give them a reason to fuck with ya and you will be good I know a lot of good cops but on another note I know a lot of cops who are on a constant head trip and think they are the baddest mofos around

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