Cops can be cool too...

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  1. About 2 or 3 months ago, a few of my buddies and I went out to a cliff jumping spot a couple towns over. We got there, ripped the bubble a few times and climbed and jumped the cliff until we couldn't barely stand. We had a hell of a good time. If the music wasn't so loud coming from the stereo we brought out there, we might've had an even better time. What we couldn't hear was the side window on one of my boy's vans being smashed out.

    After we discovered all of this, the cops were called and everything was hidden in the woods for good measure. A cop shows us about a half an hour later after the call was made, looks around all casual barely saying anything, barely asking any questions. Next thing you know he's handing us paperwork and he was gone in about 10 mins after he got there. As were my boy's 5-day old Iphone, an Ipod touch, and about 75 dollars.

    Fast forward about a month and as I'm pulling into the local wawa I notice a cop parked right by the door, about to get into his car. So as I'm opening the door to the store, I hear my name called from behind me. So I turn around and I'm like what the fuck? as this cops standing there staring at me. Here's how the conversation went.
    Me : Yeah?
    Cop : Hey uh we still haven't gotten anything from that scene the day unfortunately.
    Me : Oh really? Me Thinking : Surprised me there bud, it must be my birthday.
    Cop : Yeah just thought I'd let you know that we have been working on it because you guys weren't the only ones to have stuff stolen from you out there.
    ...and so on.

    First off, I think it's weird that the cop recognized me being he only took my name since I didn't have anything stolen. Oh well, I guess it was still cool that he gave me a heads up on the situation.

    About 3 or 4 days ago, my boy that had his Iphone stolen got a letter in the mail saying the cops made an arrest on some guy from a county over and they recovered the Iphone, and the Ipod (3 months later) and he will be receiving such amount of money.

    Now, fast forward to about a half an hour ago. Make that 3 hours ago. I get a call around 11 to come smoke a blunt or two with one of my boys. So I get there, roll the blunt and we start hotboxing my car. About two thirds of the way through the Wine Game beauty, my boy goes to pass it to me and we dropped her in the center console. Apparently my car likes to eat things, it's either that or we were both mentally numb from the blunt intake that we couldn't find it for shit. So we left it, fuck it.

    So with the roach raunching up my car, I leave at around 1:30. I always have this rule that if I'm gonna box my car make sure I'm not driving with weed on me afterwards because shit stinks for mad long and if I'm gonna get pulled over, I figured I'd be fucked. So what do you know, not 5 minutes down the road, I see the lights come on behind me. So I'm like fuck man, it's 1:30 in the morning, they're going to smell that roach and end up searching my car for about an hour or two looking for the weed, fuck man I'm gonna be here all night. And yeah, my car reeked, horribly.

    Cop asks me for license/registration and insurance yada yada he comes back ten minutes later with a warning (he pulled me over cuz I swerved over the median when I was lighting a cig) and tells me to have a good night and drive safe. And as he's walking away, I lean my head out the window and say "whoa hold on a minute, aren't you that same cop from when my boy's windows got smashed out back at the cliff jumping spot?"
    Keep in mind, when I';m stoned, I tend to be a stuttering mumbling fuck, and we ended up talking about it all for a good 5 or 10 minutes.

    Weird how things happen.
  2. ha good karma man. it is good to remember they are people. some are just worse than others
  3. That is pretty cool that that happened lol. But yeah one time I got pulled over for doing 67 in a 50 after I got off work at around midnight, and the cop started talking to me about how he graduated with my principle and shit. He ended up giving me a warning which was cool :)
  4. Sorry I don't have any experiences with cops who were cool in any way.

  5. You're a pot smoker who hates cops.

  6. well my dad and my uncle are both corrections officers (lame terms: jail guards) and i was brought in one time for doing sum dumb shit with my friends (minor vandilization and shit) not even sure why the bothered to bring us in....anyway im sitting on the bench in intake and this officer walked up to me and we started talking......well, he went on a camping trip with me my dad, and some other ppl from the jail one time, so we knew eachother...he was asking me why i was brought in and was going over the report and said they should have "written me up" for that instead of going through the trouble of bringing me in and shit....well, to shorten it up he uncuffed me and was like "you know now that your eighteen it means you can get yourself into alot shit and they dont let you off to easy....try not to screw up anymore......your dad's shift starts in an hour so i sugest you go before he finds you here and beats you senseless" i must have stood in the parking lot of the jail for like 10 min thinking "wtf just happened"
  7. best shit ever. i love bam's

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