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    so a few years ago me and some guys I know went to a killer party..loads of weed and all the beer whisky and vodka you could drink and hot big breasted chicks all over the damn we were all getting drunk as hell and getting ripped when someone comes running in yelling the cops are comeing down the I just said fuck it and ran in my boys bedroom opened his window and took off behind his house through the woods and ended up having to walk 4 miles in the dark through the woods all the way back boys were pissed off at me for leaving them but I told them before we got to the party that if anything went down it was every man for himself...they told me not everyone got out in time but that was not my this day I don't know how I walked all that way back home as drunk
    and stoned as I just glad I didnt drive my truck to the was
    cold as hell that night too..damn I miss those kind of parties...
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  3. hell yeah bro I love me some big hooters..what guy in his right mind doesn't?

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