Cops busted party.

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  1. So, a few hours ago, I was invited to this party in the outskirts of town on this farm road. 400 people showed up, and it was organized as hell. There were guys with lights that were directing traffic and they had a specified location for parking. Everyone already had all the stuff busted out, there was a DJ, weed smoke everywhere, and people already drinking heavily. Then, 45 minutes into the fresh party someone scuttles through the parked cars, and hesitantly screams, "oh my god you guys THE COPS ARE HERE,". That's when we realized the newest car driving into the parking lot was a COP! He turns on his lights and everyone scatters. It reminded me of cloverfield or something. I didn't have anything to drink, but my friend I came with did and he was wasted already! He almost got lost on the way to my car. I was only a little high, yet I was paranoid as hell. We started driving out of the "farm" down this dirt road and we saw off in the distance of the county highway was a cops lights blocking the road stopping people! I took a random left down another dark county road, and it seemed clear, until we realized everyone was following us. So two cops start chasing behind us, and speed up and past us. THEY PULL OVER THE CAR RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! And create a road block, but let me go without even checking! This night was amazing, and I want to hear about your crazy party stories involving escaping the cops. Or just crazy stories in general. Go for it! :D

    TLDR (I'm sure you all did) Crazy party busted by the cops. Tell your busted party story.
  2. back in high school, i went to a party where you have to go through an alley to go to a backyard to the party. not even an hour later a helicopter was over the house flashing its light at everyone. everyone ran out towards the alley and there was 3-4 cars blocking the way. once everyone saw the cop they ran the other way and while i was running i elbow a girl in her face lol. i hopped over 3-4 houses down hid under a boat. i than got a hold of my homies to meet up at my car and we dipped out to another party that lasted til 530 in the morning. crazy ass night.

  3. What did you do to get a chopper called on you I can't see them using one to break up some normal house party
  4. Back in high school, this dudes parents were gone so he decided to throw a party. So a shit load of people are over at this guys house, which is fucking down the street from the police station. we're real smart here :) Anyway, Ive got a few drinks in me, nothing major. Im chillin in the living room, smoking some cigars and playing cards when i hear this dude just yell "COOOOOOPS!" We fuckin bolt upstairs man, turn off all the lights and get real quite. These three dudes decide its a great idea to get on the roof of this three story house and jump off. Well, the cops get them. But they knock on the door and the only guy who was 21 answered it.
    They cops were like "Look, we know theres a party here, but we dont want to give any tickets tonight. We'll be back in 15, if anyone is still here, we're giving out minors."
    I got the fuck outta there, called my buddy and went to another some college house party and got proper drunk :) Went home and my mom had bought me a bunch of new clothes that day. Success :D
  5. I also forgot to mention I had to throw my pipe away in fear that the cops would search me. It was the prettiest looking pipe I've ever had. Oh well, a souvenir for someone else I suppose!
  6. Me and my friends just had a new movie come out about our party, maybe you've seen it? Project X.

  7. Our party was named Project X, haha. Everyone kept calling it the project x party. Really sucks the cops broke it up. All they did was put drunk people on the road. Damn cops. The city I live in is notorious for spring break parties like this. We have a beach, so there are people from everywhere here right now.

  8. Ahh, to be young again..

    I quit drinking, but we use to have some pretty wild parties. Nothing like 400 people, but we would regularly have anywhere from 100-250, and in a small town of 15,000, that's pretty big.

    One time I was outside taking a piss during the winter and I was grabbing a beer out of the snow (multitasking).. and I saw the cops roll up on the opposite side of the house. I didn't even bother buttoning my pants, just let them him the ground and ran for my car that was about a 1/2 block away.

    Only once I got into the car did I realize my keys were in my pants.. so I slept in the car, walked to my buddies house the next morning, and voila, my pants were still there.

    I wish I could be underage for a month, THOSE parties were the best.

  9. That's awesome! lol. The only reason we ditched was because my friend didn't have his ID, but he was 21, and I was just high so I was paranoid and cloudy minded. We were both legal, so we would have stayed if he had his ID, I'd like to have seen how it turned out. lol. Can't wait to see what other parties there'll be this spring break :smoke:

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