cops? bots?

Discussion in 'General' started by Magneto3521, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I've gotten a few messages from people apparently from my area looking for some dank, the only thing that stands out as suspicious is the fact that all of them had zero post counts. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I got a message from a guy who had one post. He said he was from MA and wanted to know if he knew me. I just replied "Probably not." I changed the settings in my user control panel and now people can't PM me.
  3. 0 post means they just made the account to ask you for weed, which is lame in its own right, even if they're not a cop.

    i don't trust anyone from the internet, though ironically i met my girlfriend from selling an oz to her friend that i met online.
  4. Anyone who PM's you asking for hookups should be reported.
  5. Ha, I was thinking about giving them my buddy's girlfriend's address, if it was the cops and they raided her house I'd die laughing. :D
  6. Problem solved.
  7. This place is crawling with sketchy people imo. Im about 90% sure someone is trying to set me up on this site. I mean look at all the people who joined this site May Jun Jul 08 :confused: Don't trust anyone too much over the internet. Especially on forums.
  8. The gods of karma would shit on your face. :(
  9. 2 Gods, 1 Cup
  10. hahahah wow. +rep, not that you need it.

  11. more like 2 gods, 1 face
  12. Ive gotten two of of those before. One lived a 2 or three towns over and he said he needed a new dealer cuz his old one got shot I was like you know hes not the only dealer in town he said he wouldnt mind driving down i said fuck that. another time it was a guy from new orleans. I live in california lol.
  13. Thats when high schoolers get out of school, so what ensues is a influx of underaged immature kids. I've noticed this on a lot of other forums.
  14. Yeah I got a few of those before, too. It seemed to happen more often when I posted in the growing section or the recreational section.
  15. The longer someone has been a member, the safer I feel about communicating with them.

    I seriously hope none of you has implied that you'd hook an anonymous person up, though. That's just dumb.

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