Cops aren't too bad

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  1. So tonight a very interesting thing happened to me. I had been smoking all night with my friends and we had just bought a sack. We drove out of the parking lot (this was at 3:30 a.m.) and we got pulled over by a sneaky police car. The entire car smelled of bud and my heart was racing as the police officer walked up to us. Turned out we were driving without our headlights on (stupid mistake). He asked to see license/registration and made a funny face when he leaned next to the car. He the ran my friends license, and then while handing my friend his license back the cop said "You know its pretty late right now and I don't feel like dealing with any trouble right now so I'm going to let you off with a warning to please drive with your headlights on.. and be safe and get home." By this time I felt as if a 5000 pound stone was lifted off my chest.:smoking:
  2. yo that was lucky man!!
    once got caut in a car park christmas day with a few boys huffin down a bit o charlie. we got searched by 2 old bill who took the charlie but gave us back our smoke and sent us on our way. christmas spirit i quess.
  3. And thus begins the holiday weekend...

    I hate driving when it's a cop fest out there. :mad:
  4. agree to disagree,

    that profession forever changed the mind of my father

  5. what were you doing with your "boys" on christmas day? and wtf is charlie
  6. Agreed. I am a little confused here. WTF is Charlie?
  7. He had some coke . . . .
  8. holy shit charlie is coke??

    That's seriously fucked up if you were doing coke with your "boys" on christmas. Seriously fucked up.

  9. Wait... so it's like... more fucked up to do coke on christmas than other days?

    I mean, assuming he wasn't like ditching out on family or some shit. My family never really did anything on christmas night, personally. These days I usually just reserve christmas eve for the family stuff (thats when most of it is going on) and spend christmas with friends.

    So what's so fucked up about it? :confused:
  10. its fucked up to him cuz hes prolly never done it. I dont think anyone would ever catch me blowin coke on christmas day but hey, to every man himself....
  11. doing coke is stupid...

    but who am i to play dr. phil
  12. well, ya assuming he wasn't ditching out on family or something then by all means do whatever the hell you want to yourself no matter how stupid it is whenever the hell you want.

    I was goin by the assumption that his family would've been doin something else but then I guess not everyone's family does shit.

    Regardless it's simply my opinion that X-mas is one of those days (actually THE one day) where you should put all that shit down and jsut enjoy the fuckin spirit of the day. BUt again, simply my opinion. so therefore, to me, doin coke on x-mas is fucked up.

    There. Happy I explained myself to you?

  13. Wasn't trying to start anything, dude. Just wasn't sure where you were comin' from on that.

    I completely agree that it's fucked up to ditch out on family to get fucked up with some friends, but everyone's family has different traditions. Some people celebrate on christmas, some on christmas eve, and some people don't celebrate it at all. :confused_2:

    S'all I'm sayin.
  14. Not everyone is Christian :rolleyes:
    But if he ditched family to do coke then yea it's fucked up!
  15. over here in menlo the cops are actually chill and usually let people off for weed if they are nice. my friend had a vape and a half o in his car and the cop didnt take it, he just let him go. 650 represent son!
  16. dude doing coke is fucked up PERIOD.
    it doesnt matter if you ditched family, ditched friends, or didnt ditch anyone
    no matter the circumstances, coke is coke . its always fucked up to do it
  17. Oh oh oh oh, since coke is bad, especially on Christmas, how about spending millions and millions of dollars, that could be used to help the unfortunate people of the world, but is instead used to buy toys and whatnot to celebrate an originally gay roman holiday that represents the day that Jesus was born, even though he wasn't born on that day. Now that sounds great! :D :D :D

    You lucked out OP, I have only had a couple cool cop encounters, but they are great. I wish there were more laidback cops out there...
  18. i aint ever ditch on my family. christams is for kids. i get nothin from the day apart from a good meal, other than that its a reason to get wasted wiv my mates (as good as family anyway). and why is coke stupid???

  19. wow. that made me laugh my ass off.

    and the whole christmas shit? BULLSHIT. me and my family don't do shit on christmas. don't hang out or nothin. i usually just spend christmas eating waffle house and gettin fucked up somewhere. is that fucked up? i mean, does everyone have to give a shit about christmas? christmas can kiss my ass. :devious:

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