Cops are not as bad as...

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  1. Cops are merely just obstacles in my way that I must overcome to enjoy this lifestyle.

    The real enemy are the people who double cross, cheat, steal, deceive and rat you out when concerning weed. Unless the cops are assholes, but ya know.

  2. idk cause ive heard of some of my friends getting pulled over..the cops find their stash take it and let them in that case the cops are the thiefs cause they honestly smoke it themselves(heard from my friends uncle whos a cop)

    its a vicious cycle but i think snitchers are worse than the po-9
  3. ^^ totally depends, this man is right. My step bro is now a felon just because he had illegal fireworks in his car. I mean yes, the law is "the law" and otherwise society would run free, but wouldn't that be fun?! l

    It makes you wonder what it is like without police.
  4. More chaotic than we assume :p
  5. I think the legislators who act to perpetuate the prohibition are the worst of them all
    ..they're the ones who actually give the cops the power to pull us over and harass us.

    and they're the ones who continue the swat raids and random searches, and the 2,000 marijuana-related
    arrests that occur every day, all for the esoteric theory of "it'll send the right message" :mad:
  6. depends on the officer
  7. How can you even compare stealing to someone doing his/her job? Sure some cops are assholes, but its also not their fault that the laws are how they are. Picture it this way, say you work at Burger King, and some guy wants a free hamburger. You say "I cant do that". He says "come on man just this once". You say "Im just doing my job man, I can get fired for giving you a hamburger" Its the exact same for a cop, why should he risk his job to let some punk pot head go?

  8. It's a pretty vicious cycle that doesn't really have an end in sight.

    Toke up and roll with it. Society may be this way, but if you lay low and keep a cool head, you'll be juuuust fine. :D
  9. I said depends on the officer, because there are OK cops I'm sure, I've considered being one. But they are pigs untill proven otherwise.
  10. For the most part, I like cops. They are there to protect us, and in reality, we only hate them for doing their jobs :rolleyes:

    I mean, smoking weed IS illegal. Just because they don't know any better the safety of marijuana (and even those cops who do) they couldnt do much about it. Some cops are cool and might let you go... but this is of course at the cost of risking losing their jobs...

    (this doesnt include cops who are assholes/power-hungry/crooked cops)
  11. Because as I mentioned some are assholes.

    Just like some people at Burger King are assholes and some are not. :p
  12. I think we all pretty much agree, cops in general are ok and we're better off with them being in society than them not being there. However they're forced to do a freakin' obnoxious job (arresting us simply because we prefer to relax with marijuana instead of alcohol) and some of them are genuine assholes (just as some Burger King workers are genuine assholes and some of us are genuine assholes)

  13. The diffrence is at burger king, you can't get tazed while 5 other employees stomp on your face.
  14. i dont think it would be more chaotic, i think it will be more freedom and peacefull but when it comes to gun /sword battles, oh boy, yea its goin be chaotic lol
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    things that are worse than police:

    biological terrorism
    papercut between the fingers
    mussolini, hitler, pinochet, etc.
    cancer, ebola, AIDS, that super-cancer thing from the I Am Legend movie
    the holocaust
    sudden infant death syndrome


    things that are better than police:

    chocolate pie
    pumpkin pie
    blueberry pie
  16. People are assholes.

    Cops happen to be people.

    Simple as that, everything else is angst or stupidity.
  17. Many cops I have dealt with have been polite to me and did not do anything about my weed. It depends on the cop, some are cool others are only in it for the power and therefore are douchebags.
  18. I had a neighbor who was a nice guy. He joined the Police department because he genuinely wanted to help the community. But within 2 years of becoming a cop, he turned into a real asshole.
    I talked to him about it once. He said when you become a cop, they put you on night shift your first year in one of the shittiest neighborhoods around just to see if you are tough enough to handle it. He said after a couple of years working night shift in a really bad crack neighborhood, he started thinking all people (who aren't cops) are a piece of shit because all he deals with all night long are the lowlife's of humanity like meth heads, prostitutes, junkies, etc. He's been shot at, had junkies try to stick him with dirty needles, a hooker who told him she has AIDS spat in his face...
    If you think about it from the cops perspective, I guess I can understand what makes them such assholes. But, the bottom line, they ARE assholes. My 'friend' doesn't even speak to me any more. He only hangs out with other cops and thinks anyone who isn't a cop is a scumbag.
  19. You are sadly, sadly, mistaken. I always like to say a country without good authority is like Cuba. Simply put.
  20. I don't hate cops, but I don't want to see them behind me on the road either.

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