cops are just as dumb as us and cell phones suck

Discussion in 'General' started by RobHecht, May 24, 2006.

  1. so i'm driving to the library to do this entire 8 page research paper for history with my mom in the passenger seat and i'm stopped behind an explorer at a red light waiting to turn left. before the light even turns green a honda minivan slams into the back of my car at about 20mph causing my car to hit the car in front of me which hits the car in front of them. i'm sandwiched with a bloody tongue and some whiplash and as we're all exhanging information on the side of the road, the cop comes to file the report and FUCKING HITS MY CAR! both the cop car and my car get scratched. so he was filing 2 reports tonight. o yeah and the woman that caused the accident....she was talking on her cell
  2. that sucks man. was your mom ok?
  3. i love cell phones, but people can find a way to be stupid with anything.

    hope you get some insurance cash or something.
  4. Sounds like you got caught in a chain of other peoples mistakes.
  5. dude havent you seen crash? everything comes around in a multiracial circle.
  6. yeah that movie is the shit, but hey man doesnt sound like your day you should smoke a blunt and relax
  7. Damn, Thats crazy.
  8. I'm having trouble understanding this. Want to fill me in? :smoking:
  9. Sorry but the fact the cop hit your car made me laugh, I belive you were both out at the time. If you weren't its deff not as funny as I orignally thought just you think he would have seen your car. Hopefully your mom was okay as well. Oh a cellphones don't suck just stupid people shouldn't be allowed to own one.
  10. wait the same cop that hit your car filled out the report for that? thats seriously seriously illegal...they arent even allowed to process an accident involving another cop (if it was city cops highway patrol or sheriff's dept. would have to that accident report)
  11. you sure that doesnt vary from state to state/city to city?
  12. it very well may....and after reading my repsonse i just wanna make sure its stated that i wasnt trying to call him out for lying or any shit like that
  13. How the hell does a cop hit a car in the middle of like 3 other cars?
  14. i hate people who talk on there phones while driving.HATE THEM!
  15. I have found that most ALMOST accidents caused on the roads are by people driving talking on their cell phones... I HATE IT!!

    I am so sorry that happened.. I was in an accident awhile ago with no damage to either car- a cop stopped and did not write a report cause he said there was no damage, and then two months later the lady is filing for medicial bills and claiming i wrecked her car. I hit her very slowly going 5 mph at a stop and go traffic.... my brakes didnt catch until it was too late.. but i basically rolled into her. She was in an SUV- i was in a SL 300.... right, like I could wreck her car.....

    The reason why I bring this up?? Although the idiot cop hit your car- there is a record of what happened, so you cant get screwed over. Plus he has to give you a free -get out of trouble pass- of something for being a douche. You should look into that. heh.

    On another note- I saw a girl a few months ago who had ran into an cop car.....she was sobbing at the side of the road while the cop was screaming at her. It was kind of funny... but sad.

    poor girl.

    Moral of the story- don't hit a cop. They get cranky.
  16. yeah i definitely agree that the whole thing is funny is was just my unfortunate luck that it happened to me and not one of u guys:p

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