Cops and your outdoor grow

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  1. I really want to do an outdoor grow, but I def dont want to get busted as 1 plant = felony. Realistically, would cops be able to find 2-3 plants? I plant on planting like 2-3 females together, but @ maybe 5-6 different locations, not within 100yrds or so of each other. I will probably end up doing around 3 locations total. None of this will be on my property, but out in the country in a pretty safe spot. I'm mainly worried about hogs and deer.

    But again, would a searching helicopter find 2-3 plants? Even is using heat censors? Any advice on keeping animals away??
  2. No! Not if there nere people. They should not get found. U will be save from cops and stuff like that. But the plants will grow to 8FT. So just make sure u have a good spot and they can't be seen... And for animals. Just build a fence, nothing much els u can do to stop rabbits and deer eating it. But if u don't have deer round by u. Just build a 2FT fence round it and that will stop any thing..............
  3. I agree with what he said about the cops. Not a whole lot to worry about as far as bacon when your grow is fairly secluded, and even if a copter did spot two or three plants they prolly wouldn't report it b/c its so small.

    As for the deer chicken wire fencing works well. If fencing is too inconvenient then try leaving eggshells around, pissing near your grow and hanging irish spring soap from trees. Seems to work for me. Fencing is just too much of a hassle with my location.

    In any regards good luck on the grow man! It's going to be a fun season for sure!
  4. Remember in general, cops are looking for any plants, but they are REALLY looking for those headline busts, like 10,000 plants and 6-7 figure "street values".

    Be safe, limit exposure at the grow site to necesseties only, and be swift at the sight and get out. Dont leave things around that can be spotted by the bird. Plant in a GOOD spot. Is one plant really a felony?
  5. Yep 1 plant is a felony. Its some b.s. :mad:

    BUt thx guys, i dont' think i'm going to worry too much then. I have some seedlings that I"m strarting, and something just ate the tops off of 2 of them. THey just came up 2 days ago. One was a dank plant, the rest are mids. wtf
  6. plants WILL get eaten for sure.. ya gotta build something..chicken wire at least.. (well in my spot anyway)

    check it's what i did:

  7. What are you planning on keeping out with that tiny fence :confused:
  8. try to use natural barriers like thick brush or planting it across a river
  9. If you put a salt lick near your garden that should help keep the deer out. The hogs are a bitch though. They can fucking destroy just about anything. Def. do a fence of some sort.:wave:
  10. Yeah I hear hogs out there in the area where I want to plant'em at. Maybe i might make a papermache bear or something. haha Although some roasted hog sounds good too. :D

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