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Cops and school lied to me about finding weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by weedgetsalong, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. If you are on public school grounds you are susceptible to search of your personal belongings including car, locker,backpack etc. I deffinitly wouldnt have given my phone up though. Or I would have taken the sim card and battery out and then gave it up.

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  2. OMG now school principals are taking away phones and demanding passcodes. I would have dropped out on the spot. I am so greatful to be in high school in the 70's. We practically smoked in the principal's office. Schools sure have changed a lot. I feel sorry for you bro.
  3. Oh my god, you don't have to give them your password for your phone, like, ever.
  4. If the dog hit on your car they wouldn't ask you if they could search your vehicle since there is already probably cause. Something seems fishy about this whole story... I think they got a tip about you and investigated. The whole dog thing was probably BS
  5. That is defiantly possible. Also the same day i got searched last year my dealers house got raided. That was last april. It was a very very bad day. Ever since then i feel like i have been hearing my name around and random people text me asking for bud and i dont sell it all so i am always like wtf!
  6. Just lay low for a while. If you chill with your dealers, stop. Kinda sounds like your in the middle of something. Try not to piss anyone off that knows you have weed and for god sakes DONT SNITCH IF THEY BUST YOU.

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  7. They didnt call my parents until 3 oclock, The search happened at 9:20. They sent me to iss and i had to sit there with no phone or anything untill 3:30.
  8. ya dude, you fell trap to their lies. dont kick yourself over it till it happens again. educate yourself on your rights. but as far as not giving consent, its like a red flag saying "come get me, i use/sell drugs". give consent if you know there isnt anything to be found.
    i once got searched for supposedly stealing an ipod, well the whole gym class did. i refused till i wasnt sure if i had the right to refuse consent(i know now i couldve, since they had no reasonable suspicion on me specifically). it was found in the trash later. luckily i got to throw out pills before i was
    only way that works. you also need to eat salt(or other sodium source) so you dont go to the hospitle for hyponatremia
  9. even giving consent if you KNOW there isnt anything still doesnt help, I know someone that got put in jail for a week because cops couldnt tell the difference between coconut shavings and crack
  10. well yeah, fortunately, im not stupid and i dont go overboard on the water. also, don't hold your pee. and definitely do not give them your first void, piss in the toilet first thing when you wake up
  11. Luckily my android phone is rooted and i have a app that i press and it wipes the whole phone. The principal was looking through it and saw the picture of the bowl then it shut off. i told him the battery had been messing up and it needed to be plugged into my computer at home to work haha
  12. Good Job
  13. i assumed you would know(probobly shouldnt this was for everybody else. especially those retards that think half the detox drinks on the market work for weed
  14. Never, EVER assume the limits of human stupidity :D
  15. Especially on the internet.
  16. I wouldn't snitch.fuck a sitch man
  17. Word homie. Just about the most low-down thing to do.

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