Cops and school lied to me about finding weed.

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  1. Last Friday I was at school and the sro came and took me out of class and said they had a dog hit on my car. This is the second time this has happened to me.It happened once last year. It was the same cops as well. I consented to a search because I was positive there was nothing in my jeep. I had just come back from offroading the day before and my jeep had leaves and dirt and basically just little pieces of forest all inside of it. They cops searched my jeep wrangler and took everything out and off of it that looked like it could move at all. They even took my spare tire off and searched the engine compartment. The got super muddy and dirty from my jeep and it pissed them off. They also asked my like all the questions about who i buy from and if i sell and this shit. Anyway as soon as the principal gets out there the cops all go and meet near the front of my jeep. They then came back around my jeep and said they found shake and seeds. They didnt show me any evidence of what they say they found. They didnt charge me tho. The principal then told me to give him my phone or i would be kicked out of school for good. He made me give him my passcode and then he went through my phone. Luckily my phone didnt have anything on it.
    He gave me 1 day of suspension and i have to be drug tested every week for 4 months. I am about to say fuck no they cant drug test me and just take the 5 day suspension like they said they would give me if i didnt go to the drug classes/get drug tested. I feel like they keep targeting me for selling even though i dont at all. I am possitive there was no shake or seeds in my car. I pressure wash my jeep out inside and out all the time. This is really pissing me off and i really dont want to have to stop smoking because of this.

  2. Dude that's fucked i'd be telling them to kick rocks. Seriously can a high school even do that lol especially if they really didn't have any evidence on you? I'm just lucky my car never got hit I would smoke my bong in it every morning before I left for school ( I'd obviously leave the bong at home).
  3. Whats it matter if you get drug tested. You cant get in trouble for testing positive on a test, only from being under its influence and possessing it.
    Tell the pigs to suck ya dick, man up son
  4. Fight the power!! But seriously though you should probably try hard not to fail a test especially if your a senior. Unless u can change schools.

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  5. Those muthafucka's... I'm sick and tired of this bullshit. 
  6. My friend, they are not facing any delusions about you dealing. They want to find your dealer.
    Go for the biggest fish you can by using the small fries as bait or by manipulating them. Classic drug war tactic.
  7. dude its only weed tell them wtf
  8. Two things for next time, to consider:
    Never, EVER consent to a search. You don't have to.  And legally, you can't be threatened into consenting to a search.
    All the time.  It's a crime to lie to a cop, but it's not a crime for them to lie to you.
  9. They said i had one of two options take the 5 day suspension or 1 day of suspension and then go to drug prevention classes and get drug tested weekly for 4 months. My parents obviously made me take the 2nd option. The drug prevention guy said i could drop out at anytime since i am 18 so i think i will do that and just take the 4 more days of suspension and got get drug tested weekly for 4 months. fuck that!
  10. ALSO I was on probation briefly for spitting in a cops face, doing the kreatine + vitamin b + flushing drug test technique works every time
  11. I will have to remember this. Thanks
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    Yup, Hell, I've passed tests that same day by doing this, and these were tests that got sent away to a lab.
    Most likely, though, they are just gonna be walk in piss tests on a little strip like they usually do for high school... authorities like to think teens are stupid or lack knowledge on how to pass these
  13. someone gave them your name, most likely to save their own ass
  14. and the best part about it is that you can buy the vitamin b and kreatine and not relaly have to 'hide' it from your parents
  15. Isn't it technically illegal for him to tell you to give him your phone and passcode? Or am I wrong? >.>
  16. As a minor your not able to consent to a search of anything, that jeep belongs to your parents even if you paid for it with money you worked for.  They asked you for consent after getting a hit with a dog? This is suspect as a hit from a trained dog is probable cause to search. Scare tactics are the norm in this situation and as your young and have little experance regarding your rights they will always try to scare you. Read about your rights afforded to you as an American. Educate yourself and always keep cool, calm and be respectfull when dealing with the cops but never consent to anything, make them prove what ever it is they think they can prove.
    Here ya go, read this and learn! Then next time, you will know better.  Show your friends too, so those little rat bastards will learn that snitching doesn't actually get them anything.  And then stop being friends with them.
  18. Yeah, if they have to ask for your consent, they have no probable cause. They lied about drug dogs.
  19. Yeah, consenting to arbitrary searches is a HUGE no, I'm a second year law student, and that's like day one kind of stuff. High Schools can be tricky when it comes to searches, and different schools have different search policies that most people have to sign at registration. But still, if they have no probable cause then they can't search your car, end of story. Oh course in hindsight it's easy to say you shouldn't have consented, but at the same time it's easy to have cops and school officials tell you what to do and then do it without thinking about it. If I were you I would've made them call my parents, which they should be doing anyway whenever anything involving the law happens with you. I've never heard of anyone having to take drug tests in order to be in school, that sounds completely ridiculous and I would consider getting a lawyer if you believe they're infringing on your rights, which it sounds like they are.

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