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  1. Just got back from visiting my babies. Was happy to see that everything was going well until I came to the last two crops. Both in close proximaty to each other (2km). Lost 50 in one and 30 in another. The police were kind enough to leave me thier card (I guess this was in case I was feeling guilty and needed someone to talk to , lol)Oh well, gotta expect some losses. Was happy to see that the main crops are still in full effect. Will be posting pictures very soon, and all the way to harvest time. Words of advice. If your gonna go big, go big over a large area.
  2. yeah two yrs ago i did a huge outdoor grow with a group of friends, we had over 900 plants, at harvest we had just over 400. A fuckload of them got ripped off and taken by the cops. And a few got eatten up bad buy bugs and deer. I forget how much bud i got out of that, it was split up between 6 people. Not too seedy though.
  3. why would cops leave their card or just take some, why not take em all, and bust you??? If they knew where it was why not watch and catch you, hmmmmm
  4. For a "drug lord" you don't seem all the dope savy. I did not indicate that they took some of the plants from my two different locations, I said I lost 50 from one and 30 from the other. Meaning all 50 from one location and all 30 from the other. As for the card it has been a tradition around these parts for the cops to leave a card so as to let us growers know that they have found yet another grow site and that we should not come back next year. I don't know where you live but I live where there are only 7 cops for a very large and mountainous area. I would guestimate that every year the valley I live in which stretches out for approximately 20-50 km across to around 300km long produces several thousands of pounds of the worlds finest smokables. I would hope that my tax dollars are being put to better use than a couple of cops waiting out in the bush to bust me for 80 plants. You should probaly spend more time tending your own crop than doubting others.
  5. notice it says Sir, indicating its a damn joke, haven't told it yet but its a inside joke... I was driving my friends Porsche 911 turbo which 0-100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds(we use MPH here in USA but this all I read, too lazy to convert km to mph now) and ya know I had to test that shit out....Since i am such a good friend to this dude he let me take it out all by myself. So this cop pulls me over GOD DAMNIT, I was going 80 down a farm road, they auctually had some little drive way in the patches of corn and a bitch was right there, good thing he caught me early, if I was going like 140+ he woulda raped me...But I was very nice and saying Sir alot, po po like to be called Sir, makes them feal like they have athority and he ends up searching car, NO SHIT, cause I am young with a Porsech 911 turbo....comes up clean...though its tinted windows, I say sorry Sir, it's not my car, I was just filling up the gas because my friend was drunk and needed to go out of state after he gets up. So he goes, alright son, I will let you go with the tinted because its not your car, and with the speedy, hell if I was a damn Drug Lord like you sir I would be speeding too. I am like HOLY SHIT!!! The guy was like not in 20;s I am sure I think like early 30's... Well: Drug Lord Sir doesnt sound right and Drug Lord isn't exactly it so Sir Drug Lord is basically what he called me, just didnt go in the sentence right. So I was lucky and that is how people call me Sir Drug Lord now, ok???
  6. oh, back to the point after that...I am in the chicago suburbs I guess, and there are pigs big fields of space everywhere or anything. Nothing better for them to do all day but cath bitches for speeding and drug busts. And LOL no shit they would tear down your crops or bust ya, here at least....If they would just put a card then its nothing at all, just Dont grow here next year, find a new spot damn basically its pointless. If you know ur just gonna get another damn card. It is illegal you know and fines are high in most areas, most of the time max for the amount of plants you had so YES they should bust ya or contact the DEA or someone.....hmm what else do they have to do all day?
  7. i disagree with you totaly, if the cops are cool enough not to bust you then so be it, you the one who lives in the shitty suburbs not him, I personnaly live in kansas and cops around here are to fuckin stupid to find some crops out in the country.
  8. well good for you......
  9. jealousy kills man...
  10. or just simply not caring
  11. cops around here are good at ripping plants, the only plants they bust though are the ones they can see from a chopper, so if you just don't put more than 3 plants in each spot they shouldn't find them. I live near a college so most the cops are watching that.
  12. that's cool. But still like growing indoor better
  13. yeah i can't really stand growing outdoors to many things go wrong for my there
  14. shit around here growing outdoors really isnt a problem the only problem is finding some good seeds. Ive been experimenting with growing and right now i have a 2 1/2 ft (estimate) plant in my friends closet. I found this plant in my bush where I had threw some seeds when i was cleaning a bag and they just grew lol. Anyway its pretty leggy because it had to streach for light but after some time it will fill out hopefully.
  15. hehe, where you live?

    Bugs didnt get to it?
  16. officers of the law do sometimes leave cards that say things such as, " if you are missing somthing and would like to talk about it contact the,...blah blah dept. and we can discuss this mattter. cant say i know of anyone trying to collect on their investment. but ive heard it happens somthing like that uh-huh.
  17. I cant belive you people all you do is bitch bitch you have no idea how lucky you are any time i try to grow i get cought and I live in the god damn desert so there is pelenty of wast land where nothing grows or lives so i have to grow in doors or a controled inviorment and weed is so fucking expensive here so quite your bitching. dont be pissed at me for saying the truth and dont pick me apart and analize me you retared ass bitches who read every ones shit and tells every one the spelling mistakes and shit.
  18. easy big fella. Not bitching because getting popped is all part of the game. Just letting everyone in on the day to day. I feel for you though. It truly sucks having so much growable area, and getting popped. good luck with the indoor.
  19. ive read a few of these topics and not one actually stays on topic or is even about learning about growing yall just sit here and fight and cuss. this site isnt very controlled. no offense

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