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Cops and Crims

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mutant Monkey, May 13, 2004.


no more cops ?

  1. yeah I could handle that

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  2. that would be the worst

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  3. hell on earth

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  4. I'm getting me a gun and heading for the hills

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  1. What are your feelings regarding the police???
    I am seen as a criminal but I still have respect for the good cops out there who do a job that is not only difficult but also very dangerous,I am interested to know what everyone thinks and not just the pubescent rants of a couple of kids please. Think before you answer and tell me what you think would happen if there were no more cops?
  2. if it werent for the cops and people being afraid of the consequences given by the cops then everyone would be dead
  3. haha ya id grab a gun and head for the highest hill ...that would be fucking chaos ...everybody would do whatever they always wanted to do, but couldnt because of cops ......hell no!
  4. I'm attending school for criminal justice and although I don't necisarily want to be a police officer, I plan on doing something involved in the field of criminal justice.

    If all cops were gone, though it may seem like a relief to some of us, it could be incredibly detrimental. I'm sure we've all had run ins with a "bad" cop before, but theres also plenty of good ones out there as well.

    I know quite a few kids who are regular smokers who are going into school to study criminal justice or are getting jobs in the field. Personally, I think this is a great thing. The more people educated in legal studies who have experience with marijuana and carry a postivie view of it will only help all of us in the long run when it comes to legalization and reformation of marijuana laws.
  5. Lol, it would suck. It would be nice because I mean we can smoke weed. But it would be sweet to some1 else who wants to go rape and kill people....
  6. no more cops would mean nothing is illegal you can do anything..... mad shit would happen and i think everything wud get all fucked up..... keep the cops but get rid of the nasty ones
  7. that would be a scary world i would not want part in. i would set up a new world out in the boonies just for me and some freinds. it would be the only safe existence.
  8. no cops doesnt mean no law. It just means no law enforcement. You could still get in trouble for shit, it would just be a lot easier to get away with it.
  9. think about it. gov't. is split up into 3 (at least in US) the executive branch carries out law inforcment, i.e. the police. if they dont exist, there wont be anyone to stop you from doing something.

  10. Just how do you work that out ?
    No cops means no-one to police the country, like it was in the days of the old west but no sherrifs,that means no-one to enforce the laws,a lawless nation would soon fall into anarchy.
    You really haven't thought this through at all have you ?
    With no police to enforce the laws what would be the point in having them,everyone would just do whatever the fuck they wanted,so unless your a pedant the point is still valid.
  11. i myself am a crim. justice major so i believe there is a deff need for cops even though i dont want to be one
  12. no matter if you hate cops, or you think they're all bad..we do need them, w/o cops there wood be shit going on all the time, ppl cood murder and rape and steal all they want, and in the end, all the responsible citizens would just appoint volunteers to police, and then we'd just get police all over again

    we need police to enforce the laws, w/o law enforcement we wont be a civilization anymore, just mass chaos
  13. be a cop.. bust someone with a pound, and don't report it :D!
  14. Cops may not neccicerilly be needed.... (Though they are deninately needed in these times).

    What I mean is that on a local level, your own town would have it's honest decent willing people as the "law" enforcers. The law is simply a don't kill, rape etc (the bad things), or we'll come after you. There wouldn't be laws against anything dumb like posesing weed, because it is run on a local level and politicians don't run it. But society is an evolving thing, as people get new interests and learn ways to kill someone and have the "authorities" unable to prove it was them, then the authorities have to grow smarter/stronger/more legal, etc..... So yes, basicly we do need cops, because without them this world would be a free for all.

    So I see two sides to this, one; It would be very bad for people unable or unwilling to defend themselves from some asshole. two; I would like to go rampant and cause a hell of alot of chaos and kick ass and drive 180mph in a stolen car without worries of getting "caught"...... I wouldn't mind if there were cops or not if it weren't for family, because they wouldn't be able to protect themselves, and they wouldn't have any fun with there being no cops. So because them, I'd rather there are cops.

    Remember cops aren't bad, the politicians we "elect" are the ones who are the controling, mind washing, idiots who control this world. Yes the cops are tools, but most of them become cops to stop real criminals (others are brainwashed their whole lives about weed being bad, etc), like murderers and rapists and gang members, and cocaine smuglers/dealers. I know that some things that are considered real crimes are pretty much just people trying to get around the law and aren't wanting to harm people but do because of the law being in the way.... but still, doing drive bys and shit isn't cool, if you have a problem deal with the person it's with, not his family too.
    People just don't have any respect, and no knowing of right from wrong anymore.

  15. So we should only have the laws you agree with??
    Well I don't think it should be against the law to shoot some one if they really piss me off.It doesn't work saying I don't agree with a law so it shouldn't be.
    Traffic cops bust you for breaking the rules of the road and they have to deal with dickheads who think it's okay to get shit faced and then drive.If some drunk driver killed your mother I'm pretty sure you would want him strung up from the nearest tree,I know I would.?
    I get the impression you are a teenager and you just like to talk real big ?? you da man... sure
  16. cops are great unless they're confiscating my dope.

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