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cops and alcohol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ClarkHemp, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey gc, so i got to wondering today and i was thinking about something and i think i need a few more opinions or points of view, ,

    Ok so just say a cop stops you late at night and he says you were swerving or whatever and you have a mcdonalds cup by your seat or a snapple or something with alcohol in it would he look at it? Like i know theyd probobly give you a breathalizer test but would they try to see whats in your cup/bottle if it isnt a clear alcoholic drink?
  2. If you were drinking and failed a breatho test then they might question it but having it wont add to any sentence.

    If you werent drunk then i doubt they would, and it again wouldnt mean anything (unless you were drinking it while driving)

    Drink driving is fucked, two days ago I watched as my mate, about 20 metres infront of my, try to drive home and stack his car through a fence, lost his license and his car is destroyed.
  3. They need probable cause to search anything in your car. They aren't even allowed to put their hand inside of your car without a warrant, and unless they see something in plain sight, then you should be straight.

  4. Swerving is usually probable enough, and then you have breath, general odor, eyes, speech pattern...Yeah, if you're driving around drunk and get pulled over you're pretty much fucked regardless of if you look drunk they can claim probable cause and it will pull in court.

    Besides...What kind of defense can you mount when the entire court knows you were drunk.:cool:
  5. Yea pretty much I dont think having a cup of alcohol will change anything.

    If you're drink driving you're fucked regardless of the cup.
    If you're not drink driving then having a cup of alcohol isnt illegal, so you're sweet.

  6. You have to be swerving pretty bad and riding over lines to get pulled over for it. It still isn't probable cause. They can breathalize you if they pull you over for it though. But unless you fail it, then your fine. He won't search anything just for swerving.
  7. Don't drink and drive. its stupid. would u like to spend the night in jail?
  8. I can assure you...If you drink and drive, and get pulled over, you are pretty much fucked. Cops can pull anything for probable cause in a case like that and a judge isn't going to say much against it.:cool:

  9. Hell yeah it'll add charges. Open container. Even if above 21.
  10. It honestly depends. But I wouldn't like to take the chance.

  11. soz, very late reply.
    In my state, in Australia. It is not illegal to consume alcohol whilst driving, it's only illegal to be over. Different laws in different countries/states of course, my bad

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