Coppers in SF bay?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by baybuds, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new here and new to growing. I just planted in a very inconspicuous and inaccessible spot but I was wondering if they use choppers to spot plants in the SF bay area. They should be fairly covered by trees but I guess they could be spotted by air if using sophisticated equipment. I ask because my uncle got busted a while ago in kings canyon (near fresno) b/c a chopper spotted a few plants on his property from the air. Then again, that was before pot had been semi-decriminalized and the DEA probably had a bigger budget than they do in this economy. Thanks in advance, I hope to make some good friends here :wave:
  2. dude you live near me.
    im from the bay too.
    just get a damn cannabis card and grow it in your yard.
    if u dont have room at home. do it somewhere that no people go to.
    dont worry about choppers.

    yea they use them. but if they find your plants theyr gonna cut em down and
    you wont even know it till u hit your spot.

    guerilla gardening is a risk you take.
  3. Yeah I'm getting my card in the next few weeks, I get clinical migraines and bud is by far the best medication I've tried (zomig, immitrex, and maltax do almost nothing for me). Controls the nausea really well. The problem is my roomate works for the state, and even though he smokes just as much as me, he's kindof a wuss about growing, even if I have the card and its legal. Maybe I should just tell him to take the sand out of his vagina

    If u grow in your backyard is there good a chance that the cops will show up to check that you have a card?

    btw i meant to title the thread "Choppers in SF bay", I guess coppers makes sense too though
  4. Definately a sandy vaj of a roomate
  5. lol, what?
  6. lmao that was hilariuos +rep
  7. dude tell him not to trip.
    its fuckin california...
    millions have their card and grow and smoke everywhere.
    if the cops would come and bust think cannabis cards would still be around?
    pretty pointless to pay hundreds of dollars for a card that will do nothing at all
    to protect your rights as a patient. right?
    ive been growing in my bckyard for a good 6 years now with my card and my enighbors
    have snitched on me ....the cops came. i showed em my paperwork
    they left all BUTTHURT

    if i were you i would get a more stoner roomate that has a card so you can both enjoy
    the fine life of home grown.
  8. not to mention you live in the sF BAY.
    the best place in the whole world to grow outdoors.
    and the highest quality bud in the whole planet earth.comes from the bay
    and northern california.
    take advantage of this fine land.
  9. Coppers is what the police are called in Britain. Your knob end is often referred to as your ´copper´s helmet´.

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