copper tubing

Discussion in 'General' started by zachy, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. i just got some copper tubing for a bong at a hardware store, and i read somewhere that when u burn copper it releases some kinda shit am i gonna get fucked up if i use it?
  2. it depends on the type of tubing. if its type K or L youre good. it should read on the tube what type it is hopefully, just like on PVC pipe. if you bought the section where it isnt marked, make a pic and ill look at it you can tell by looking at it usually.

    usually for chemicals to escape from copper it has to be placed under pressure and immense heat. unless youre smoking with an acetylene torch, you should be ok.
  3. lol thanks.. i just found a cool metal pen that works perfect instead of the copper pipe but thanks anyways

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