Copper extraction tube for BHO

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Just Smoke It, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. How would I clean the tube after so it doesnt tarnish, just with rubbing alcohol?
  2. Copper will always tarnish over time unless it has some coating on it.
  3. Darn, me and my friends went every where looking for a stainless steel turkey baster/ stainless steel anything but no luck. So I looked up what kind of metals I could use and seen copper.
  4. I wouldn't smoke shit through/from copper.
    There's so many different types of hard an soft copper also. Just go to a bed bath an beyond or fuck Walmart . They have ss turkey bastors. Can't find one ? Make one . But avoid Copper
  5. I already uses it so far I think me and my friends are all right, doubt Ill use it again the yield I get from trimmings isnt even worth it.

    I used pvc pipe the last time and I got bronchitis a couple days later not sure if it was coincedental or not. Also trust me we went everywhere in our town all turkey basters were plastic.
  6. Damn , well I can't think of the site but people in the bho thread or oil/hash thread can tell you . But yu can buy glass extractors for pretty cheap an any size you want.

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