Copped A Quarter Of Some Sour Last Night (Pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by SourDTM, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I just got this shit last night, its crazy, its covered in orange buds and crystals, it has a crazy strong smell comes right through the bag, i smoked a lil bit and was crazy fucked up, i payed $125 for the quarter, i talked him down $15, it was originaly $140

    (sorry 4 the shitty pics)





  2. looks like some good buds man

    how does it smoke??

    also, are those grams in the mini zips?? what size are those zips 1.5x1.5?? jw
  3. Dank buds, dude.

    one question though, WTF is up with that dogg? Fuckin thing is gigantic!
  4. He's a beast. Nice D, I had some looked a lil diffrent.
  5. That my friend is a fucking beast and a half.

    Sick pickup and what a fuckin' ripped dog. +rep for owning a kick ass dog

  6. its a smooth smoke, na they .9 in the bags, idk i gotta look at the size
  7. thats king
  8. thats some mike vick type shit dude, do you have him drag weights around or something

    and that bud looks killer dude
  9. looks funky...

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