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  1. Some one (grower in Kansas, mostly in the boonies) was telling me that the deputies roll around with heat senosr's I suppose goggles and they can tell the difference between mary jane and the corn (their heat signatures). I asked a retired police cheif who was a freind of mine, he said he doubts they do so strenuously but its within legal limits to do so. Any one heard of this? I know the big busts that exposed outdoor growing are from snitches espcially the big one in Northern Missour Northern Cali. But I am seriously nervous about these goggles. I doubt every department has them, but if copers wanted to bust balls because they get federal funding for racking up arrests I definately believe they would do so I know I would to keep my job...
    Dont mean to scare any one I just need some closure.
    Also please excuse the spelling, took too many tylenols and didnt eat anything, fellin weird. Thanks ma peoples! :)
  2. yes this is true ... the town I grew up in has s.u.v s with the FLIR mounted on top of the roof for looking for fleeing suspects at night and M.J plants

  3. same here but they arent mounted on suv's here....but on low flying copters and planes. i almsot got busted by them but now they fly over my spot a lot and i almsot shit myself everytime.
  4. Holly bajesus! I live in Mo, but where this supposidly happened was rural North east Kansas.
    Where do yall live that they have this equiptment? By the boarder? That would make sense...
    How can we protect againgst this? This would be a big hendrence for small land owners (100 acres and less) I know on a 600 acre pasture, there are some chances that cops if flying over with birds might be able to see into creeks, or raviens to located different heat signatures but Fin-a! Any suggestions?

  5. this technology is country-wide. FLIR is one of the police' biggest weapons against MJ grows. Trichomes retain MAD HEAT and show up bright white on their IR scopes and cameras. They can see into your house, and into your grow patches. Outdoors, there is nothing you can do but choose your location very wisely. Indoors, you need to isolate your grow room and minimize the heat escaping.

  6. Damn thats what I thought. Good thing there are creeks and raviens. Shinanigans.

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