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Cop Watch?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheVelvetGlove, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. (sorry in advanced if im in the wrong thread)

    Ok so somebody i heard of in passing deals a little bit, no more than to a handful of people and never more than an ounce at a time. i also heard in passing that one late afternoon/early evening, she saw a single cop car parked a few houses away from her in a neighborhood, and is worried they're watching her. there are also at least 1-2, if not more houses with people that have in the past, (possibly still now) sold various types of drugs.

    - how likely is it the cops were there for her?
    - how can she tell if they were there for her, and not any of the other people?
    - are she/the person i heard mention it paranoid?
    - are there ways to tell if she's being watched in any other way?
    - if she is being watched, what should she do to avoid a search/the situation getting worse?
    - how should she handle a warranted search if one occurs?
  2. Tell 'her' that multiple people coming and going is annoying to residents.

    If I saw someone on my street dealing drugs and saw lots of traffic from buyers, I be annoyed too.

    Basically a cop will come because they got called for it and HAVE to investigate.
    I dunno what happens from there, but they will patrol more to shut up residents.

    If enough people call, warrant will be served.

    Don't you watch cops on tv?
  3. cops will patrol, if they see a problem with it. simple logic, but what do you do to get them to fuck off?

    Well.. Take your (or "her") dealings inside her fucking house. They can't do shit if they don't see shit.

    2. Make a fence around the house saying no fucking visitors and buy a pitbull. Also have beware of dogs, that way if the cops do come they have to fight off a pitbull and be able to catch your ass as well.

    3. Whatever state law you have, but some state laws are if the cops come knocking at your door don't answer, but if they bust through the door hide your shit VERY well or get rid of it. Whenever they come in if you don't have shit, and they do it more then three times then it's disturbing the peace, and they can get sued and you'll be fine. xD

    Hopefully it helped. Keep the shit on the down low though.
  4. Start delivering and stop selling from the house.
  5. ^Yeah look like more cautious drug dealer... Your friend is allowed to have people over. Act like a normal neighbor and don't have multiple people come over for 30 seconds through out the day.

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