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Cop took my cigarettes but not my weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokin bud, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So i was on an unmentionable last night on the beach and i was approached by two cops in a golf cart type thing on the beach. It was 3 am so they instantly questioned my friends and i as to what we were doing, and we said taking a walk on the beach. Im over 21 but didnt have my id so they instantly breathalyzed me and i blew a 0 as did my friends. They then searched us after talking to us for a little while being able to tell we were tripping balls and he pulled a bag of weed out of my pocket along with headphones my phone some rolling papers a lighter and cigarettes. Im not really sure what we were talking about and he ended up letting my two friends and i off, weed in pocket but he too my cigarettes and told me he was saving my life. Pretty chill experience with the cops in nj, they never even asked our names or anything.
  2. That's cool. Obviously they are looking out for you and doing what they are supposed to do. :smoke:
  3. Why can't all cops be like this
  4. "to serve and protect"
  5. something similar happened to me. it was 4 am and me and my friends were high as can be, walking back to my friends house from my other friends house. got stopped by the cops and instead of taking away my bowl and dub, they took my rolling papers and let us walk hahaha

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