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  1. So today in one of my classes we have been talking about gun safety and a cop was supposed to come in and talk to us about it. Well he comes in and he talk's about everything except safety. At one point he say's " have you guys heard about this new wax stuff, its supposed to be real bad. It's only been around for a couple weeks and it's supposed to kill you cause it goes straight to the brain. Yeah, people shoot it up,snort it and smoke it". I was about to laugh my ass off thinking these are the people that our supposed to protect us. Also got me sorta pissed. Anybody had a similar experience before?
  2. lol sounds about right. you sure he was talking about extracts tho ? 
  3. Yeah. At first i thought it must have been a new drug. Then i heard him say something about butane and then said it is made with marijuana.
    Yeah. At first i thought it must have been a new drug. Then i heard him say something about butane and then said it is made with marijuana.
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    They're called scare tactics and they don't really work at all anymore since the misinformation is too comical to take serious. 
    Ever heard of a film titled "Reefer Madness?" 
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    Ya, news sources around where I live have been sending out warnings about this "new" and "dangerous" drug and I saw the picture and about lost it laughing because it's fucking dabs.

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  6. Call him out on it next time. Embarrass the hell out of him. It's not his job to talk about drugs in that class, it's his job to talk about guns. It's also not his job to MISINFORM people in that class.
  7. Was he addressing a Freshman or Sophomore class?
    Surprised no one spoke up. :smoke:
    It's a cop thread, not a "does she/he like me ?" thread :p 
  9. Sadly, I've had countless experiences like this. Sometimes I choose to speak up and correct them, other times I just laugh and watch the ignorance spread for a bit... etc.
  10. Thought about calling him out but I decided not to so i could save myself some trouble. Pretty funny to listen to also.
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    Unless I had something on me I would have contradicted his most outrageous points in front of the class. Freedom of Speech
  12. Tell the cop that some alcohol could kill you too
  13. You should've asked him why alcohol is legal when it kills 40,000 Americans a year and why weed is illegal when it doesn't kill anyone.
  14. I have to carry medical shears at work.
    We had a lockdown because of a security threat.
    Agro cop finds the shears in my pocket.
    I get cuffed and have to remain in the building while the threat is active.
    Ded srs.
  15. Yeah today in class i asked this kid what he thought about this jackass cop. I told him about the wax and explained to him howbit is legal in many states for medicinal use and in colarodo for recreational. He then says" yeah then idiots bring it here and start shooting it up and snorting it". I was like wtf and just stopped talking to him. Thats the worst part about these stupid cops coming in our schools. They make gullible kids into dumbass uneducated kids
  16. lol I remember when they were spreading propaganda about kids smoking bed bugs to get high and all the footage was taken directly from the story they showed a week before about dabbing. So I guess that makes it a 'war on bugs' now.

    How are we ment to put faith in a government that lied about the effects of marijuana 50 years ago and filled all our parents head with paranoid bullshit and then when we find them out and disprove everything they said and clean up their bullshit they start doing it all over again.

    Feed society truths and they prosper, feed them lies and they'll fall.
  17. call him about man. Its your right to speak and think clearly.  Afterall this is a democracy/republic. 
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    Lol, my high schools learning director told me, that I didn't have any.
  19. Save yourself the trouble? What is he gonna do, beat you while telling you to stop resisting when you're lying on the ground not even moving?
  20. No it just seemed stupid to draw attention to myself at the time because the teacher has emailed my grandmother numerous times over stupid shit. And i thought she wouldn't hesitate to email my grandma about me being a "druggie"

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