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Cop Story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. last night i got lost . i finally found a gas station and pulled over to ask for directions and get gas. When i walked in i notice two cop cars sittin in the parking lot to the side , i didnt really think anything of it.

    As i get out of the gas station and about a block down the street i see police lights in my rear view mirror pulling me over so im think what the hell im i getting pulled over for , then i remember that my id is expired so i start stressin cause they ask for your drivers license so they are gonna see that and give me a fat fine.

    So the cop comes out to the car and tells me he pulled me over cause i didnt yeild for a car back down the road. Then he asks 'do you smoke marijuana' , thats when i knew something was defintally wrong, then he says i smell a odor of marijuana coming from your car. I know that smell of marijuana is a valid reason to search someones car without warrant so i decide right then and there to just be completly honest because either way im fucked. So i tell him yes i smoke marijuana. Then he tells me the k-9 is in a 2nd car that has showed up on the scene allready. He tells me either way he is going to search my car but asks if they can search it with the k-9. So i tell him yes , then he asks if theres anything in the car that dog will smell because if so the dog is going to tear up the car. So i tell him there is two roaches in my car and that there might be more weed throughout the car since my car is such a mess i might have lost some weed in the car.

    Anyways they take me out search me and tell me to sit on the sidewalk, while one guy and a dog search my car the other two cops stand next to me as im sittin on the ground.

    Anyways long story short i finally got put in the back of the cop car since it was so damn cold outside and i had no jacket, the whole thing took about 30-45mins. A couple of times they could come up to the car and have driver roll the window down and they would say they found something like a cd case that smelt like marijuana and again if i had anything they should know about, i kept telling them know.

    Finally they took me out of the car and the cop basically told me he could give me a bunch of tickets for a expired license for not yeilding and possision of mairjuana (the 2 roaches i told him about was all that turned out to be in my car THANK GOD). He said since i was honest and very corpertive he wasnt gonna make my life miserable and give me a bunch of tickets, he told me he dosent care if i smoke weed, he then asked if i knew what the penalty was for possesion of mairjuana , i told him it was a misdameanor and a fine, he then told me that that is true but if the weed is found while im in a car they can take your license too. He then told me i was free to car.

    Pretty fucked up experiance i was nervous as hell the whole time not knowing if i was going to jail or not but it turned out good i guess, i learned a good lesson , keep your car clean even if you dont have weed on you dont have roaches anywhere or anything like that, and if you carry weed around in your car alot or smoke in your car allways make sure you spry it with some feberze or somethin before you leave, just leave that shit in the car with you.

    Funny ending to this story is after i got home i walked over to 7-11 to get a swisher and i saw a cop car in the parking lot. I went inside saw no cops , i bought a blunt. And with the blunt still sittin on the table i see a cop come out the bathroom and its one of the cops that just pulled me over, he looks down and see the blunt. I look up give him a fat grin then grab my blunt and walk out, hahha.
  2. OMG LOL!1111 thats totaly rad that he didnt give u any tickets lol thats a good story if im ever a cop thats how i will be hehehe cept i'd skip the dog search or i'd take the roaches for myself w00t
  3. your one lucky son of a... :)

    Nice touch at the end too, hah, it makes a great story...
  4. Nice, ya got off lucky. Cops can be cool people too, all depends on whether they are on a power trip or not:)
  5. Wow that's an entertaining story. It's pretty dumb to keep roaches in your car, you shoulda thought about that ahead of time.

    Fucking pig gave me a hard time once when he pulled me over for having a break light out. Starts asking me all types of questions. Probably about 20 questions, looking for answers to all of them. Longer story short, I admitted to smoking weed once in 9th grade and I said I didn't like it. Meanwhile I had three grams under my seat. HAH, fuck that cop. That's just one of the 3 times I have been pulled over with shit on me. Got away every time thank god.
  6. yeah havin some roaches in my car proally wasnt the smartest thing, but 2 roaches defintally isnt enough for a cop to care about. Ive been pulled over plenty of times in my life with a roache or roaches in the ash tray, ive never had any reason for a cop to search my car cause im never doing anything illegal that would make them want to so ive never worried about a cop searchin my car.... Only reason they wanted to search my car this time is cause my car stank like weed, and that was cause i picked up a ounce earlier in the day so my car still stunk because of it even though i allready dropped the weed off at my house. So damn use to the smell of weed i guess i couldnt smell it....but yeah havin roaches in the car aint the smartest thing and i learned my lesson, makin sure the car dont stink is the key though, thats what really got me in trouble if it wasnt for that the cop never would have known about the two roaches..........anyways just glad to be here postin on the forum and not jail.

    Something like this will really wake you up and be more carefull, sometimes when i go long times without gettin in trouble for something i start to forget that im doing somethin that can get me in trouble.

  7. edit: thccrystals , this is proally my 3rd or 4th run in with cops and weed where theyve let me go as well. Cops see so much real crimes on a daily basis that weed isnt really that big a deal for them. Its funny though when i told the cop i was 21 and ive been smokin for almost 10 yrs he was shocked that ive never been arrested and said im a lucky guy, i guess i am :)
  8. Hehe, to add to your twist at the end of the story. One time my friend was buying a dutch from the gas station and a cop came in while it was on the counter. He proceeded to say to my friend, "so you're just smoking one blunt tonight?" Oh man did I laugh when I heard that.
  9. usually, if your cool with them...they'll be cool with you.....pretty crazy that they had a k-9 unit though...
  10. oh man... that's great... especially when the cop came outta the bathroom and saw the blunt! LMAO

    i had a couple close calls that coulda sent me to jail for felony charges, lol.

    there was one time a fight was happening at this one school down the street from my friend's house. well, i had about 2 oz's on me at the time, and i was blazed as shit. got stopped by the cops when i was walking home and was praying to God that they didn't smell the chrons... seems they were more interested in the fight :D

    another time i was walking from the same friend's house (which is heavily watched by the po-po), and i have like 25 seeds that just arrived from seedsdirect. they were in the little baggies, and clearly labeled "White KC 33" and "Super Skunk"

    anywayz, some lady pulls up who we were getting some weed for, and outta nowhere this cop rolls up and asks what we're doing (like, right after the drop). we're all a bunch of red-eyed teenagers with "stoner" written all over us... the whole time i'm praying that the guy's not gonna search us... 'cause if so... i'm going bye bye, LMAO

    but in short... haven't got caught yet... but those close calls do make you a bit more careful :)
  11. Im loving the end.. thats just to great. Walks out and see's the blunt O man.

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