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  1. ll first off, I live in Colombia (some of the best chronic ) and I was 16 when this happened.
    I was with some friends smoking a blunt and a raw cone in a park that is usually known for having lots of potheads. Out of fucking nowhere comes two cops on a motorcycle asking for cédula (adult identification). So we were fucking shaking and I was scared as fuck because I had two dime bags in my backpack and one in my nuts.
    So I show the cop my normal i.d. and they tell me to empty everything from my pockets, so I do. Then, the fucking porker starts patting me down. He goes to my balls and fucking strokes the sides (I obviously yelled at the dude) and he didn't feel the sack in my sack, so he told us to get the fuck out of the park. He didn't even check my bag.
    We went back like 20 minutes later and killed the roaches
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