cop story from a year ago.

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  1. OK I am bored and I thought I would share a story because again I'm bored. Its an ok story.

    Anyways this happened like a year ago.

    So me and like 5 of my friends are having a session. Well what do we always do after a session? or at least most the time. make the epic trip to Jack in the Box. One of my friends was sober and he drove because we didn't want to risk getting pulled over by the cops. He has a truck that has 4 seats but he had amps in the back seats. So we are leaving jack in the box and two of my friends are in the bed of his truck and I sit up front. Well my friend who is driving says "ok dude lets look back and yell at them saying there are cops behind us" we both do it. I start yelling "cops cops cops!" and they start poking up their heads like idiots to look back.

    Well there was a car behind us and as we turn left the lights switch on and we get pulled over. Reminder me and my two friends in the back are pretty damn stoned. So we get pulled over and I'm just like "FUCK those actually were cops".

    Ok well the cop comes up and the other cop keeps an eye out of my friends in the back. He says let me see those hands to my two friends. So they kinda have them up. The cop next to the window says "so how much weed do you guys have on you" and both of them were like "none". which we didnt thank god.

    Ok so the cop asks why do you think I pulled you over?...and my sober friend said I don't know. Well I guess he didn't have his lights on when he pulled out of jack in the box. Then the cops starts listing off other infractions such as, There are 4 seats in the truck but your two friends are in the back (friend says but I have amps), so then the cops says are those amps bolted down? my friend says no and thats another infraction, then he says "you have two trailer hitch balls so that covers your license plate thats another infraction"...and there was something else I dont remember though anyways so that added up to be about 700$ worth of fines. i'm just sitting there staring at my phone the whole time acting like im texting.

    The cop says "that would be a nice statistic for me wouldnt it?" he asks his cop friend. He says "well I'll let you off this time and let you enjoy your night but you better have someone pick your friends up or take the amps out". So we call up some friends and the cop passes us 2 times while we were waiting there for our friends to get picked up.

    Fucking nerve wracking I tell ya, especially stoned.
  2. whatta a prick, cops like that deserve to be shot. /rant haha (short rant i know)
  3. ehh idk i mean he let his dude off i mean ya he was sorta a prick about it but he coulda gave him a 700$ ticket:eek: and you know what that bud for awhile:( lol but think about it he coulda gave him the ticket man ur dude lucked out lol:cool:

  4. you serious... he didnt give a ticket. making your life difficult > tickets . any day. all day
  5. Hahaha why did the retards look back if you said cops?


  6. They were stoned....and idiots.
  7. Ha. Well that's a bummer, but at least everything went well.
  8. is it actually legal to have people ride in the bed of a pickup?
  9. its legal in certain situations and areas. normally though its illegal.
  10. You can have people in your back when all your seat belts are used in the front of the truck.

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