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Discussion in 'General' started by Danimal_Lector, May 15, 2006.

  1. my mom wants me to take another drug test and i dont want to fail, b/c i ned to gain her trust, so heres my plan...

    go to the cop station after a week of drinkign lots of water and taking niacin, and ask for a take home pee-in-a-cup drug test. then try it out and if i fail, pretend nothing happened, if i pass which i will, then i show it to my mom and say the cops have to make you do it there, but i can take the stick.

    my question is, do you think they will actually make me take it there? I want to tell them that my mom wants to see me take it to make sure i dont cheat.. what do you think?
  2. Why not just go to walgreens and buy one of the kits there? I just did that last week, got my "negative" result dipstick hanging on my wall, I'm so proud.... well maybe not, it's actually in my trash can for the maids to find next thursday, hah!
  3. do police stations even do that?
  4. i didnt think of the walgreens idea, how much do those cost, and can you buy just one, or do you need to buy a pack?
  5. It's 14.99 for a onetime use pack. Kind of expensive. But i opened it up and found that it's expensive because they give you a container so you can also ship your piss off to some lab, and that covers the lab fees. SO maybe go online and search for THC test and get one of those dipsticks for only 1.99. I'm going to be doing this shortly and buying a bulk and running tests to see what my metabolism rate is.
  6. I got one single use one for 15 dolars at walgreens.
  7. i dont think so, and yeah just go to your local store and buy your own test (wal-greens, longs, rite-aid....those type of stores carry them)
  8. ugh, ill go buy one tomorrow at CVS, but im not taking it until friday, because i cant pay for another one if i mess it up hah, thanks guys

    i cant believe i spent a half hour plotting that out without thinking about buying one...
  9. lol nm i dont even need to take it ill just dip it in water lol, well maybe someones urine so it smells like it
  10. Yeah... I mean, not to mention Walgreen's and Long's are all big corporations so it's okay to steal from them. Be careful though, many of the camera's are fake but you can get busted if you're not careful. Make everything look comfortable.

    Or you can just be safe and pay...
  11. All you need is bleach and the drawsting from your pant to make a negative result with the take home drug tests. My parents would test me about every month for 3 months. I passed every one while smoking about 4 grams a day.
  12. ive heard that bleach doesnt work.. but if it worked for you thats awesome. myself, id rather just use niacin and drink alot of water.
  13. i myself like to be like hey mom.. your drug tests are useless and ima smoke neway

  14. the maids?...

    and lol i was psyched out for a second, cuz it would be fucking sick to have a stick of your piss hanging on your wall... unless thats how you roll idk, to each his own :S
  15. I used to be a manager at Walgreens. It is probably the eaiest of any of the drug chains to steel from. We rely more on deterence with fake globes and a $5/hr guarde stationed at the door than actually watching people.

    CVS probably has the best Loss Prevention systems. They'd be last on my list to try to hit.

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