Cop sitting outside my house...DF?

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  1. For starters, I live in a rural area, my actual house is a about a quarter mile from the nearest public road, which happens to be about a half mile long, winding, dirt road that ends in a circle right where my private drive starts. So i am almost a mile away from any kind of paved/commonly traveled road. My house is completely hidden from view from the public road by trees/landscaping and whatnot.

    My two friends who are over and I had been toking a bong and rolled a few Js on my pool patio which is on the backside of the house. We go inside to cook some chicken nuggets and chill out for a while, this is about 1:20 AM.

    We have about a bowls-worth of weed left so we load it up in a pipe and go out to the deck to smoke. When we walk outside though, there is a Sheriff sitting in my private drive (although not in the driveway, just in the gravel drive). We see him before we get into plain view, so we immediately turn around and go back inside unnoticed.

    The time when we first saw him was about 2 AM, we hunker down and hold the fort until and about ten minutes after we went inside we see a flashlight beam flashing around my deck and my backyard, but it only lingered for a couple minutes. We finally get ballsy and sneak a peak out the window and he is there at 3:15, we check back at around 3:45 and he finally has left.

    He never knocked on the door or attempted to make contact with the owner of the house. What in the hell kind of police operation is that? I still am just baffled as to why he was here, and what the hell he was doing shining his light around checking out my deck and my fucking backyard.

    My nearest neighbor is a quarter mile or so away and we had no music playing or anything of the sort, just 3 guys smoking and chillin'
  2. Why didn't you say anything
  3. So he was on your property? Yeah he had no right to be there.
  4. He was probably just taking a break. Nap time!
  5. Because I was almost dysfunctionally high, probably smelt like weed, and my eyes looked terrible.
  6. And if he was taking a break on personal property in a private drive at 2 AM then he sleepwalked with a flashlight onto even more private property, he was a total fuckhead.
  7. go out and ask him if he has a warrant or what the hell he is doing snooping around your property next time you see him.
  8. Is this your house personally? or do you live there with your parents? and if so are they away on vacation?

    It's possible your neighbors knew that your parents are away and saw kids hanging out and called the cops about a possible break in. Has happened to one of my friends while his parents were out of town

  9. [ame=]Indiana Citizen Rights Violated By Officer Recklessly Allowing Illegal Trespass Over Objections - YouTube[/ame]

  10. That's probably the answer or he might have also been searching for someone. Bad guys hide out in rural areas all the time. Either way, he was probably doing something more important than busting some kids for smoking something (at the end of your drive he probably couldn't smell the weed) on his own property and you probably had nothing to worry about.
  11. Holy fucking shit that is creepy. I got nervous just reading your story OP.
  12. should have shot him... intruder alert
  13. do you grow?

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