Cop scared the piss outta me!

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  1. So my neighbor hit me up and asked if I wanted to pick him up and go smoke a New Year joint. So I pick ole boy up and we drive down a little ways from his house near the beginning of the road. I haven't seen cops down my way in years so I thought it was all good. We were smoking and this guy my neighbor works with saw us and walked up wanting to take a couple hits. So my dude let him hit it and as he was passing the j back in, a motherfucker comes flying past and yelled "Boys better scram! It's the cops!" (He was going like 50 coming off onto this dirt road) Not 5 seconds later a state trooper pulls in with his lights on. I thought we were fuckin busted, but he sped on by us after the other dude. Yeah I know I shouldn't have been smoking beside the road, but living in the middle of nowhere it's never been a problem before. People sell all sorts of drugs at the local gas station in broad daylight and the cops are never around busting shit.
  2. What a gentleman giving you guys warning mid high speed pursuit
  3. Haha what a bro, we have a place where everyone sells and smokes pot ( EVERYONE) about 30 at minimum and everyone will tell if theres a cop, theyll yell it semi loud before the cop parks
  4. I wanna Rep that guy!
  5. I didn't know WV had an organized police force . . . learn something new every day
  6. Yeah, there are quite a few cops out in WV in the incorporated areas. There aren't enough businesses in most towns to bring in enough city tax, so the cops in those places are always out busting people over speeding, DUI, and more recently quite a few over unmentionables. And yeah that was pretty cool of the dude.
  7. My two friends and I were finishing a quarter of a blunt walking into the theater and this white sketchy suv pulls up next to us and drives real slow. I passed the blunt to our designated dumb ass friend and my other friend and I are like we're straight. The suv rolled past us for what seemed like forever and then they pull off. After that we finish a couple hits on the blunt and we're like fuck yeah we got away with that shit. When we exit the theater we see the suv down the road at a speed trap with his parking lights on. Now we have a cool story, well its meh kinda cool.

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