cop pulled me over

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dr.GreenBud, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. My friend and I smoked a blunt in my car. With the car still domed out we drove around on the popular cop spot road. I was redlining my car, so it was pretty loud although we werent speeding Its so fun drivin high, especially with dome vision.

    Piggies pull me over and i roll down all the windows and its like a cloud of smoke releases from the car. Piggy 1 takes my license and pokes his piggy flashlight all around my car and looks at my eyes. he asks if i smokin pot. I said no, although my car probably reeeked. I got off the hook . He didnt have probable cause plus i acted alll polite and shit.
  2. all that smoke, plus the smell is probably cause dude, just so you know

    you will tear that motor to shread just driving around like that

    feel lucky you got off the hook
  3. Why drive on a cop hot spot road?
    Congrats on gettting off the hook though. But I can gurantee ya next time you won't be as lucky.
    Watch your ass when you're on the road. Piggies hate pot.
  4. that's awesome man. i usually dont go around popular streets when taking hits
  5. I love to fuckin drive through the cop station high. Its hella tight seeing the parking lots of empty cop cars knowing that is the enemy! it makes for a tight high everytime.
  6. i know i love driving high. last week i took my friends bike and was just riding that around in circles in an empty parking lot for like 20 minutes. i was like damn this thing is fast. it was a blast

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