Cop let's us off with 5 grams and 32's.

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  1. Ok before you question why I have one post, I have created this account to protect my identity. This is a story that happened to me and a friend. enjoy:smoke:

    So it was a normal tuesday... me and a homie just chillen pretty bored one afternoon. Were on a week long break (were 19) from school so we were looking for some buds as usual and possibly some 32'oz cobras. So we hit up our buddy and he says hes down to hook 5 g's and get us some brew for 60$. We meet him at the liquor store like 2 blocks from my friend's house and get the sack and beer.Two min later were taking a left turn onto my buddies street and this cop was posted across, just sitting there. Of course as soon as we turn he tails us for around 45 sec and sure enough he flashes his lights. So at this point me and the homie are trippin cause my car smells like bud and were holding like 6 grams and 3, 32oz beers:eek:.He walks up real quick and goes "Ya, I just pulled you over because your center back taillight is out (the one on the back window...really!!:rolleyes:) and asks for license and reg.. normal shit. Then he acts as if hes about to let us off with a warning when out of nowhere he goes "Ya, So how much weeds in the car":mad:. I said "none" and he goes "step out I smell weed" and forces us outside. He didn't give us any options just go sit on that curb.He procedes to tear apart my car, and finds a 5 gram sack, a seperate 1 g sack, and the beers. So then he walks out with all the shit and goes "oh it just keeps getting better and better for you two... (while chuckling)". He then calls another cop on his radio for back up (fucking pussy can't handle two 19 yr olds). He actually smells our sack and goes "how much did you picck this up for" and were like "40 bucks" and he actually looked impressed hahahha! Ok, then he starts getting serious talking about how I could possibly lose my licsense and how were in deep shit.... Then randomly, he gets a call on his private cell phone and I can hear something about towing a car.. blah blah anyway hes talking and goes "oh looks like these kids might get lucky today". He hangs up the phone and says "Man, its your guys lucky day. I gotta be somewere right now, So you have two options.. 1. I arrest both of you for possescion... or number 2. you guys crush up that weed and pour out the beers and you go home right now". So were like alright and we had to crush up 6 GRAMS OF DANK WEED with my shoes :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: and then my buddie had to POUR the beer over the shake on the fucking street!!! Then he just gave a little lecture about drinking and shit and just said you got off lucky and let us go:hello::hello::hello:!!!

    Overall It was a crazy experience because Cops around my town NEVER let people off and it was just weird and lucky as hell that we didn't get even a TICKET for having that bud and underage beers.

    BRIEF VERSION: Got caught with 6 grams of weed and alcohol at 19yrs old and the cop gets a random phone call and lets us go free, if we crushed up all the weed in the street and poured out the beers over it!:smoke:
  2. ..... To protect your identity?
  3. [quote name='"SoloG35"']..... To protect your identity?[/quote]

    Maybe his normal profile has his full name and his face picture in his avatar? :)
  4. Ye i know im fuckin paranoid
  5. Haha crazy story man! Glad to hear It worked out.

  6. Dont whine about having to crush up the greens and toss the brews, your ass got fuckin saved. you could be ass pounded right now, but you got lucky.
    be more grateful kid
  7. Damn dude u got LUCKY!!!
  8. I know, I really did get so lucky.. The more I think about it that was probably the chillest cop I'll ever meet. He was a Mexican guy and I'm not prejudice, but it looked like he's definitly toked his fair share before..:smoke:
  9. My buddie ever offered him the last brew before he poured it out being sarcastic of course and he just gave a little smerk and laughed
  10. If I were that 5-0 I would of kept all ish!! Nothing like some straight weed wit some king cobra!!
  11. His name is literally "sweatybutthole" lol

  12. I can't believe it took so long for someone to call it out :laughing:
  13. protect your identity...
    i thought you had actually committed a crime that took balls to commit. but NOPE! :D
  14. props...:rolleyes:

    and don't hate on SweatyButthole, that shit is original.
  15. Count your lucky fuckin' stars junior because you and your buddy skated away from that one big time!

    Damned lucky!

  16. he's batman
  17. Damn he knows that's a way worse punshinent then jail

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