Cop in the house, should I toke?

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  1. So here is my dilemma. I am home for college for thanksgiving break until Sunday. Tonight my sister's boyfriend is staying the night. He just happens to be a cop and is currently downstairs in uniform talking with my family. Later tonight I was planning on toking some bowls in the bathroom with the shower going. Out of the 20 times I have smoked in the bathroom I have never been caught.

    My question, should I smoke later (11 PM) in the bathroom if there is an off duty cop in my house? By the way I live in MA and marijuana is decriminalized.
  2. In all honesty i doubt he would give a fuck. But he might be one of those douche bag super cops. So i would honestly just take a quick walk and toke up. If your real lazy just do it in the bathroom but make sure he is asleep or fucking your sister first.Rofl.
  3. LOLOL this story is hilarious. Here is why your sisters boyfriend would not arrest you.
    He likes fucking your sister, and he is not going to ruin a relationship with her entire family because he caught you smoking pot.
  4. If i was you i would tear into his ass no homo.
  5. This.

  6. Can't you just go outside, or talk a walk?
  7. For real, lol you must be paranoid as shit.
  8. if your parents don't like you smoking weed, don't do it. i'd say your odds of getting caught have at least tripled with a pig in the house.
  9. Kill him...its the only way
  10. if he caught you, you know what he's probly say? "smoke me up or you're arrested!"

    he probly wouln't really arrest you but he probly would like a toke :smoke:
  11. ^^ lmao
  12. BREAKING NEWS!! 18 year old paranoid marijuana addict kills his sisters boyfriend so he could get high. When asked why he said this " was the only way" I can see it bro.
  13. or wait a night?
    y take the chance?
    or do it. see if i care.
  14. Walk in there with a freshly packed bowl in your hand and find out what happens!

    Hahaha j/k but,is he a cop in your county or city?If not he has no jurisdiction(i honestly dont know if thats spelled right haha and im not sure if it's the same if he's from a different city but county i believe would count)But if he makes a big deal about it,then he's a douche and everybody will know.But chances are he probably REALLY doesnt give a fuck.Hell ask him if he wants to toke with you!Be like "hey man wanna smoke a bowl with me?i've always wanted to smoke up with a cop!":D

  15. qft!
    You gotta murder him
  16. based on the fact that he can't really do anything to you because of the whole not wanting to offend your sister and your whole family...I would use this opportunity to gain counter intelligence for the cannagency. Please report your findings asap.
  17. Why even take the chance that he may not do anything? Your sister may be grooving on the whole Paladin side of him being a cop. He may feel obligated to show her that in his eyes the law is the law and would bust his own mother.

    Take a walk or anything, get away from them while you enjoy.

    Or take a chance and be That Guy, the one that fucked up thanksgiving for the whole family and/or ended your sisters romantic chit. :cool::smoke:
  18. go for it, its your house. he isnt going to start shit. just do it on the sly mannnnnnnn
  19. I wouldn't do it just out of principle that there is a cop IN your house.
  20. dude is everybody on here weed fiends, jus wait till tomorrow so u wont have to worry about shit.

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