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Cop grabs penis

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NotBustedYET, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. #1 NotBustedYET, Dec 19, 2008
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  2. "whats this"
    "Thats my penis"
    "...thats your penis sorry about that"

    I would have alot more to say if that were me in that situation..
  3. im not even :smoking: and i cant stop laughing
  4. like "o0o0o0o yea right there"
  5. LOL

    The dude was chill with that cop grabbing his dick. I would have been like "Woah, back the fuck off buddy". Very funny though.
  6. Almost everytime ive been searched they pretty much grab my dick anyway.. and feel around my sack. Supposedly looking for 'hidden paraphenelia' :rolleyes:
  7. well......think about it

    cop: whats this?


    cop: *headshot*
  8. Why does it say accidently?
  9. Whenever I have been searched by cops they always grabbed my dick/balls,from outside my pants of course (not grope but just a quick search) to make sure i wasn't tucking anything under there. It wasn't comfortable but I felt it made sense on their part.
  10. yeah i can't stop laughing either
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    Funny post. But in the cops defense he only grabbed the guys dick because look how fucking low the kids pants are. If the kid had his pants higher up on his waist the cop definitely wouldnt have grabbed his dick like that. Im suprised that those pants didnt fall down when he was being searched.
  12. lmao, this is some funny shit:laughing:
  13. usually you have to pay extra for that
  14. Day man
    Fighter of the Night man
    Champion of the sun
    You're a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
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    i was high and said BOOM before i read *headshot*

    i thought i thought it

    but i said it outloud lol

    +rep for makin me lol
  16. this video made me laugh, almost made me think of superbad

    "i flip my boners up into my waistband, not only does it hide it but it feels awesome...i almost blew a load in my belly button the other day"
  17. good stuff! that cop was embarrassed, bet he went back to the squad car and bitched about that dudes saggy pants

  18. LMAO rep

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