Cop fail

Discussion in 'General' started by limmy1111, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Something tells me your lucky it was removed due to terms of violation.
  2. An oldie but a goodie :laughing:

  3. It's working for me...
  4. I accidentally posted a video (to anony's post - I did NOT want to see that video. I was tricked.) that I forgot I copied.

    But yeah, I fixed it :eek:
  5. yea thats a good one
  6. hahaha. 'I think were dead'
  7. Very funny video. That phone call was priceless. Out of curiosity, what was the original video?
  8. "....we made brownies, and I think we're dead."

    Ignorant stupidity at it's finest....
  9. space ghetto user?
  10. This is older than Jimmy Carter...

    But it's funny none the less :D

  11. You called?
  12. I already know you are weebie ;)
  13. i've never once thought i'd died on weed.

    They must have had the most sticky of the icky intense bud ever
  14. AHAHAHAHHAHAH. he could have just looked on the internet and saw the there no such thing as overdosing on THC.

    "time is going by really really slow" haha priceless
  15. lmao

    "i think were dead, times going by really really really slow"
  16. hah, classsic
  17. Watch this reenactment using audio, hilarious:

    [ame=""]Send Rescue[/ame]

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