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Cop encounter- Was he bullshit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bradraz, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. My friends and i wanted to see project X today, so we decided to roll up 2 joints. We pull up in the AMC parking lot, smoke the 1 joint, stash the other joint in a badass spot in my car. As soon as we finish toking, guess what, a piggy rolls up. So my friend that had the joint, or i should say roach, put it in his pocket. The cop saw it smoking out of his pocket (lol, afterwards i told him if you have the joint/blunt when a cop comes, you swallow that shit.) Anyway the cop searched our pockets, found the roach. The cop told me I can get a DUI Operating the car, so i told him "Sir, I was not operating the car under the Influence of marijuana." he said " Dont act like your a lawyer, because if you were one you would know that just listening to the music is operating the car and you can get a DUI simply from that.

    The cop then proceeds to search my car. I had a joint/bowl/and a gram in a half of weed in my dope hiding spot. I take the gamble and don't say "I dont consent to a search" He said, Can you open the door so i can search, I told him no, but its unlocked and left it at that. Say he did find the weed, did I technically give him consent to search? Anyway the dumbass cop didnt find anything and we didnt get in trouble.

    TL;DR The cop said i can get a DUI from just sitting in the driver seat, listening to music.
    And did i technically consent to the search when he asked me to open the door, and i said No but its unlocked. Thanks.... I have the feeling the cop was complete BULLSHIT about the DUI and he was just trying to get me scared. also they were doing good cop, bad cop which was pretty funny cause i knew what they were doing.
  2. I imagined the cop was severely obese whilst reading this.
  3. The cop was not fat at all actually, they were both husky cops.
  4. As far as I know, if the keys are in the ignition you can get a dui. Even if you are sleeping in the backseat.
  5. Thats freaken stupid, DUI=Driving under influence not Sleeping listening to music stoned........
  6. Keys in the ignition is all they need to charge you with DUI
  7. That means i can sit in my car, with the key NOT in the ignition and smoke, and not get a dui, even if im in the driver seat?
  8. Good question lol, honestly if he had any reasonable cause such as smell, a roach, or anything he can search your car or tow it and get it searched with a warrant.
  9. [quote name='"bradraz"']That means i can sit in my car, with the key NOT in the ignition and smoke, and not get a dui, even if im in the driver seat?[/quote]

    no...key in possesion while in car = dui

    No way of the vehicle dui

    A friend got away with that during spring break a long time ago. Too drunk to drive home...parked on side off the road then tossed his keys off somewhere...cops came and woke him up....was gonna tow his car but they found his keys and he had a sober friend drive home
  10. In my state at least, if you have your keys and are even touching your car while intoxicated, they can get you.
  11. That's in every state, its a stupid law, but it is what it is. You should look up flexyourrights on youtube, it gives you a lot of good advice and tells you what a cop can, and can't do. [ame][/ame]
  12. Well good to know he wasn't bluffing. What about me consenting to the search, With what i said, would the charges hold up in court?
  13. Yeah there is no dope hiding spot in a car that a cop won't find..

    But you should always make sure your keys are out of the ignition if your smoking in there, I always do just in case some shit like that happens...

    He did catch your group with the roach so that's reasonable suspicion to search the car.

    You should research more about your rights.
  14. He smelt it and he found the roach so yes he has every right to search your car. The cop did nothing wrong and seemed kinda nice about not getting a dog out there and for not taking both of u to jail. Consider yourself lucky and be done with it. Be smart about your smoking and don't do it in public parking lots outside a movie theature

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