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cop dog help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doobiegoobie, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. hey everyone. i recently moved next door and there is a cop 2 doors down with a cop dog. i've read up on it and the dog is a explosive sniffing dog. i know the dog lives with the cop but i'm smoking all the time and haven't had any problems so i'm assuming the dog can't smell drugs. (maybe not valid assumption) i've also heard they are for one purpose or the other (ie drugs or explosives). i really really want to grow some of my own and am thinking it may be ok. what do you all think? any opinions are valued! thanks ya'll
  2. Idk sounds pretty risky bro.
  3. yeah it definitely does. i just think it might be ok since i'm smoking allt he time int he house so the smell is apparent. and no problems so far. hopefully someone here knows about cop dogs :)
  4. Lmao what about this story seems risky at all? Even if the dog would began to bark or show signs of him smelling something, you really think the cop is going to take him all around the neighboring houses to find the source? No.

    And you are correct. If the dog was trained to smell explosives, it is highly unlikely that it was also trained to sniff out drugs.

  5. All i'm saying is i wouldn't grow bud if there was a cop living really close to me. Some cops notice A LOT of things that everyday people wouldn't.
  6. i think its risky b/c i dont think it would be hard to the cop to figure out what was going down if the dog starts flippin out every time he drives by my house. i do agree with you that the cop might not want to be doing that or shittin in his own back yard so to speak though. i live in a college town and the cop is from the upd and the dog is used for smelling explosives before football games. wouldnt the dog flip out when i was just smoking too? or even from my own stash? i dont think the smells would be too off from each other so i think it may be good to go. any other opinions would be very much appreciated

  7. Yeah i totally agree with that. BUT i alreayd have all the equipment and can get anything else i need sent to another address. i'm definitely not planning on selling and only want a couple plants for personal use. i was also thinking about doing it in a tent with odor control. would that make a difference??
  8. Dogs are either explosives dogs or drug dogs, I don't think they can train them to do both

    And I'm also pretty sure that they only "go crazy" at the scent of drugs when they're given a verbal command
  9. Unless you only planning on growing acouple plants in a closet I wouldnt try it. The explosives dog shouldn't be a problem but you still dont want to push your luck when you got a cop living right down the fucking street.
  10. i was walking through the trainstation once, and had half a joint in my hand, concealed, but just in my hand, and a police dog walked right by me, and as it did, it had a little nip at my hand, just a tiny little attempt to get at my hand.

    so i'd say this was true.
  11. nice. so the consensus is that i shouldn't really be worried about the dog for a small, personal set up?
    some people have brought up not growing next to a cop in general. what are the risks if i have everything i need already and its going to be in a secret jardin tent in a closet in the bathroom? i was thinking more along the lines of the-closer-you-are-to-danger-the-further-you-are-from-harm sort of thing so i'm not too worried about the cop himself. just that dog..

  12. yes merry and pippin.

    i'd be more worried about the policeman. dogs can't work out what you're doing unless they smell shit, the policeman can use 2 other senses to work out what you're doing!
  13. You will be compleatly fine. I doubt the dog will be able to smell the plants from the sidewalk, through your front door, through your next room door, where your plants are, unless you are venting towards his house, espically if its in your bathroom closet.
  14. The cop can't really do anything if you are smoking in your house, even if the dog smells it, because he will most likely be off duty when he is around. But growing is another story; he can still make it known to your local police force if he sees you doing anything suspicious with plants.
  15. its time to find a new home my friend
  16. Yeh dude i wouldn't risk it. It is true that MOST dogs only trained to smell for one thing but i know for a fact than one of my uncle's dogs has been trained to search for bot explosives and drugs so yeh don't risk it.
  17. The dog isn't fuckin lassy; its not gunna run up to your doorstep and start barkin.

    Just chill bro, you don't have anything to worry about.
  18. grow it, The dog won't do shit i was in the same spot when i started smoking. We'd go outside to smoke and the guy next door had a retired drug hound. Even still be safe and have some odor control
  19. Actually.

    They train dogs to find drugs AND explosives.
    Hence why they search schools in the first place for "explosives" Yet they always seem to come up with kids pot.

    Honestly though it would be illegal anyways for him to walk his dog around your house like that.

    Unreasonable searches and seizures.
  20. If the dog has not been trained to look for pot, he doesn't know what the hell pot smells like., he's an explosive dog.

    Still...I's the cop I would worry about. move apartments if you're gonna grow.

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