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Cop came to my house 20 minutes after i toked 4 bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by royce4weed2012, May 9, 2011.

  1. Well if you read the title its basically the story lol. But no i was scared because i smoked 4 bowls alone to myself because i knew no one was going to be there for the rest of the day. But i started to play a game, then right as i started to play my game the doorbell rang/rung idk. But i immediately freaked out and started spraying my whole axe can every where (that was a bad idea now that i think about it) so i went down stairs and i was probably dreading of axe and right when i saw the cop through the door i stood there for like 30 seconds just thinking "i dont have to open this" he probably knew i was high because he just saw me standing there doing nothing except staring at him. So i just opened the door anyways because i decided it was probably for something else. which it was. But the first question he ask as i open the door is "Are you ok son?" (Right there i knew this wasn't going to be a fun conversation) and i just said "yeeaaaa" in a confused way. so he ask if this is where my parents live and just sat there for like 10 seconds staring at him in the most confused way and i said "can you repeat that?" and so he did and then i said "Yea i think so" probably the most dumbest thing i could say. So he just gave me a couple of papers and he left but oh man i was freaking out. The whole day i was paranoid because i kept thinking he was going to do a search warrent. I was going to dig the weed outside but i was so paranoid i thought they were watching me. But oh man just thought i should share that with you guys. Ruined a whole day of relaxation.
  2. Wow not gonna lie, you handled that about as horribly as one could haha.
  3. You gotta learn to act straight around cops.
  4. you fucked that up terribly haha
    im glad its alright though

  5. ive been around them while high, first time actually talking to one, while really high
  6. #6 The Audion, May 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2011
    op is 15 i'm guessing?

    not to be a dick but when cops calling you son...its like home alone they were calling kelso's girlfriends husband in real life in the future son a lot.
  7. hahahah this story made my laugh soo hard
  8. Hahahahahahaha probably the worst responses/actions you could of come up with haha thanks for the laugh
  9. Wow how stupid can you be
  10. my limit of bowls to myself is usually 2, now i did 4 that day so i was a little out of my comfort zone

  11. Hahahaha
  12. No matter how high I get, if something comes up thats like, "Oh shit, I gotta be serious here for a minute." Then I man up and do it. You gotta be able to control it. You'll be a mess if you can't!
  13. I can't believe you said "I think so" when he asked if that is where your parents live hahaha wtf

  14. OP maybe fifteen, but your a piece of shit. No one needs you coming in here and saying shit like this. Next time you see a post like this just hit back.
  15. Good luck controlling 4 bowls to yourself. When you're really baked, you're really baked.
  16. 4 bowls aint no joke!!
  17. Damn, someone needs to hit a bowl!

  18. No fucking joke.
  19. I just got high and clicked this on and could not stop laughing for about 4 minutes. Funny story man.
  20. 4 bowls is a lot

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