Cop came into our class..

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  1. tlak about xx subject (we wrote questions for him to anwser for our persusave essays) .. well the topic of weed came up so i started to listen in to what he had to say .. well nothing inportant that we all dont kno but the cop was like this..

    he was talkin about smokin and the smell and he stated

    ' and some kids think they can cover up the smell by taking out the tobacco of a philly blunt and puttin marijuana in it, this is the dumbest thing kids do because you can still smell it clear as day '

    and i was just thinkin .. NOOB haha
  2. I woulda def said somen to the cop, i usually do when im not being threatened to be taken to jail haha.

    "uhhh, officer, thats called a blunt sir. We do it to get HIGHER not to cover the smell, you noob!" LOL
  3. Im defiently the type of person who would do that, one time I was getting a dog on my car and the border patrol agents (a fed, like 30 mins away from border) Said to me " Why are you so cocky " Im just like 'why are you such a dick' he just look pissed and walked away. In the end all I got was a speeding ticket for 70 in a 55 insteada 87 like he clocked me.
  4. At the school I went to I'm sure he'd get laughed at, alot.
  5. Pretty much my whole highschool blazed. A fair amount on a daily basis, the cop deff would have got laughed at where I grew up.
  6. thats was definently a rookie cop who got assigned to do some bullshit, there was a million of them floating around my high school every one was treated likie a retard, i cant remember a day where we didnt do som,ething that hd too have raised ther blood pressure, for instance, one day we decide to leave and there is a cop in the parking lot(rookie) , as we get closer to huim he sticks his head out his car window and says let me see your passes so we all reach in our pockets like were tryin get something as we keep wal;knig , we get next to his car, keep walkin eventually he says hey i was talkin to yall ,then we all turn around and pull our hand out and flip him the bird, all he did was yell im tellin the principal, to I which i replied so thats why you beacme a cop, to get back at kids liek us who fucked with you when you were in school. he had to have gone home and killed himself that night cause the lok on his face was liek your right i am a loser

    omg it was fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. hahahahaha shit thats clownin. When i was 14 or 15 i flipped off a cop on the way to school ( ridin the yellow bus) and he pulled over the bus, dragged me out by my shoulder, threatened to rip my arm outta its socket, SEARCHED ME?? then drove me to school.hahahahahah it was soooo clownin cuz i was just ridin in the back bumpin some music. this was before i learned my rights but whateve, it was fun. flipin off cops doesnt roll around here.
  8. I had a noob cop pull a freind over when i was ridin with him like 2 months ago, it was funny cuz he pulled us over for speedin and he asked the driver to get outta the car and of course his dumb ass did because he didnt want a speeding ticket... but he ended up searchin the driver and me (I had the weed and pipe on me of course. Safely stashed away in my sock) all he found was our smokes and were all 18 so basically he couldnt do shit and we got was funny as hell tho cuz the driver got in the cop car first to talk to him and farted in his car...smelled like ass when i got in there lol
  9. what a dumbass cop......we smoke blunts cuz they can fit hella weed and actually if u get one thats flavored enough it does cover most of the smell

  11. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck hahahahaha hope that cop got what he wanted, a clean camper hahaha thats a good story right there hahahahaha
  12. when i was like 14 we had a cop in our class talking about drugs .
    that was about the time me and my friends started to smoke.
    suddenly the cop takes like 5grams of hash and tells us to pass it around .
    that was sweet :D
  13. ^ :eek: I woulda just taken a gram of it
  14. dude PLEASE tell me you pinched off some dickhead cop's stash
  15. ists like right whene he passes hit out hes like

  16. at my old high school, everyone would have burst out laughing. And chances are half of the kids had just smoked a blunt in the school parking lot during lunch.

  17. i soooo wish i did that ..but no:(
  18. if a cop passed around hash in our school i bet that it would only come back to him with about half of what he started passing around.:D
  19. HAHA!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!!! :hello:

  20. Nah. It would've came back with crumpled of piece of paper with the word "weed" written on it.

    How funny would that be? The cop would get it back and have a "WTF? Owned!" cloud above his head.

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