cop brutality! goooood one ;)

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  1. Cop Brutality

    A guy is driving down a deserted highway. He pulls up to an intersection, and rolls through the stop sign. From out of nowhere, a cop pulls him over.

    COP: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
    GUY: "Hey, I slowed down didn't I???"
    COP: "You must come to a full stop at the sign."
    GUY: "Stop. Slow down. What's the difference?"
    The cop pulls out his baton and starts to beat the guy with-out mercy.
    COP: "Well, do you want me to STOP or SLOW DOWN?"

    note: there isnt a site called (lol just in case you were wondering) Im trying to get here, and typing grassfunny...waaaayy ahead of myself thinking about where im gonna stick this funny joke...ugh...i gotta get my noggin on striaight..

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